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Spanish Embassies And Consulates Worldwide

Check with your consulate to see what services they offer such a NIE and other certificates. Spanish Consulates Worldwide

How To Pay/print Ivtm/road Tax Or Ibi Invoices

Depending on your area/town, the invoices for IVTM / Road tax and/or IBI (council property tax) will be issued by either your town hall, the Suma office (Valencia area) or another incasso agency like the Patronato de Recaudación Provincial (And

Statement Of National Insurance Contributions For The Uk

You may need to fill in the following  form if you’ve asked for a U1, E301 certificate or a full statement of your National Insurance record UK National Insurance contributions statement CHECK YOUR NI RECORD You may need to set up a gateway a

Government Website For Information On Residency Applications Eu And Non-eu

Info file available in our Library, Residency section. Or click below for direct link. LINK If in possession of a visa and appoinmtments no available at the offices for foreignors at the policia nacional stations. Visit the link below for region

What Uk Consulates In Spain Can And Cannot Do To Support British Nationals

Please read the following link for information about what Consulates can and cannot do UK Consulates FCO

Social Housing – Vivienda Protegida

All communities have social housing projects, either to rent or to buy. You must meet certain criteria, be a resident, on the padrón and on the waiting list for a certain number of years and family income below a certain level. First port of ca

Aragon – Catalogue Of Social Services Amplified 2017

In the autonomous region of Aragón, the amount of citizens that are at risk of social exclusion because of insufficient income or no income at all, because of longterm unemployment for example, has grown significantly quicker in the past 5 year

National Holidays 2017 All European Countries

Follow this link for the dates arranged by country.   LINK TO BOE PUBLICATION

Vote In National Elections Holland From Abroad

Nederlander, woonachtig in het buitenland en je wilt je stem uitbrengen in de Tweede Kamer verkiezingen? Dat kan, als je je vtv registreert. Voor de verkiezingen van 15 maart 2017 moet dat vóór 1 februari 2017. LINK NAAR WEBSITE OM TE REGISTRE

Pruebas Selectivas / Selectivity Tests – How To Register Online

Through this link to the government electronic office.   LINK   You will need a digital certificate installed on your computer for access, or a CL@VE  registration.

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