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Has Your Bank Sold You A Life Insurance Policy?

Banks & Life Insurance Policies. Were you coerced into taking out a life insurance when applying for a mortgage? Were you told it was a requirement for obtaining the loan? Did you pay a lump sum for the life Insurance policy? If

Voluntary National Insurance How & When To Pay?

Full information  the UK Government Website

Insurances - The New Rules With Regards To Consumer Info

From our insurance expert. One of the most important sections of the new Insurance Distribution Directive is that the insurance company/broker has to make sure that the customer is fully aware of what he/she is contracting. This is why, they hav

The Register For Life Insurances - How To Consult

The Registry of death coverage insurance contracts depends on the Ministry of Justice and in it all life insurance contracts (with death coverage) and accident insurance covering the insured’s death must be registered, excluding those in w

Changes To Car Insurance Policy Allowed?

That depends, you can add another driver for example depending on his/her status, young driver or other and your insurance company might increase the premium. If you sell the insured vehicle, generally you can transfer the policy to another vehi

How Can I Prove Adverse Weather Conditions Insurance Purposes?

You should be able to obtain this information from the Spanish Met office AEMET. Check the information the link below. The central number is 060. There is also a list of the offices for different regions in the list. AEMET Meteorological Of

Extraordinary Risk Insurance Consorcio

The Consorcio gives compensation for the damages produced by Extraordinary Risks (natural phenomena and events of a political or social nature), on the condition of holding a policy in the field of damages to goods, or life and/or accidents, wit

Must I Purchase Insurances In Spain?

No you do not have to purchase insurances in Spain. You can check around the EU and see what is the best deal for you. This includes insurances for: vehicles, house, life and much more. The only insurances you cannot purchase this way is social

Vehicle Without Valid Itv Or Mot – Insurance Void?

No, it´s not as simple as that. The owner of a vehicle is liable for both insuring the vehicle and making sure it has valid MOT / ITV. Vehicle insurance and the responsibilities of an insurer once a policy has been contracted for a vehicle, are

Is There A Vehicle Insurance Directive Covering Eu Countries?

Yes there is and there is full information including the directive, assistance for all those travelling or living in the EU. Includes information on types of cover and much more so please read the link below. Insurance in the EU