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Modelo 179 - Informative Declaration Tourist Rental Intermediaries

By law, those intermediating between owners of holiday property and tourists that rent it, so rental agencies, but also online intermediaries like AirBnB, HomeAway, Wimdu or Niumba are obliged to inform the Spanish Tax Agency about bookings arra

Ctt Telematic Password To Register To Vote In Local Elections 2019

Used to facilitate registering to vote for the upcoming municipal elections. From the website of the National Statistics Institute (INE): ¨Those persons resident in Spain who, without having acquired Spanish nationality, are citizens of countri

Online Notifications Seguridad Social

Like all government organisations, the Seguridad Social can send notifications about ´tramites´ they´ve started, debts, refunds etc., telematically. You can access them through their electronic office, with a digital certificate installed on

Fbi Criminal Records Check

Information from the US Embassy. HERE

Can Uk Nationals Register To Vote In The Local And Eu Elections 2019?

Both local and EU elections coming up in 2019, on May 26th. The National Statistics Institute has published the requisite for foreign residents to be able to vote in both. Being registered on the padrón PLUS having expressed their desire to mak

Is There Information For British Citizens In Spanish Jails?

Below is a link to a prisoners and families pack from the British Consulate-General, Madrid.   information Pack for British Citizens in Spanish Jails   For a lawyer contact: info@citizensadvice.org.es

Benefits For Carers And People With Disabilities - Uk

Information from the UK government, including Attendance Allowance.   HERE   Note:The EU court ruling which meant Attendance Allowance can be paid in other EU countries has a cavaet. This is that AA cannot be paid if the individual get

Campsites And Motorhome ´overnight´ Sites Andalucia - Law And Regulations

New law since February 2018 introducing new criteria for modalities of camp sites and adding a new one, for Motorhome ´overnight´ sites. All campsites and motorhome overnight facilities have to be registered on the Registro de Turismo, filing

Iprem And Smi Index

index used by government when applying for benefits or services IPREM & SMI INDEX UPDATE For January 2019 SMI Increase

What Are The New Consular Fees For 2018?

Below is the fee chart for services provided by the British Consulates. Consular Fees 2018

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