Plan Renove 2020 - Discounts On Purchase New And Pre-owned Cars

As announced in the State Gazette on the 6th of July 2020. The subsidies will be used for direct acquisition or acquisition through financing operations by financial leasing or renting lease (also called operational leasing) of a new vehicle, wh

Covid-19 Extension Alleviating Measures Till 30.9.2020

As approved during the Consejo de Ministros yesterday. Automated translation of a summary on the Moncloa website. Relief of the financial burden of mortgages and non-mortgage loans The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Soci

What To Do If You Are Charged Extra For Covid-measures?

The Consumers Department of the Junta de Andalucia has issued a warning for all businesses that they are not allowed to transfer the extra costs involved with the obligatory protective COVID measures in place, as an extra cost on an invoice or q

Covid-19 Ertes And Income Tax (renta) 2020 (declare 2021)

As ERTE payments are unemployment benefits paid out by SEPE, they will be seen as another source of income from work for the purpose of your resident’s income tax RENTA in 2021, over tax year 2020. This could cause you to be obliged to fil

Covid-19 Erte Regulations Extended After 30.6.2020

Information from the Royal Decree, published in the State Gazette on the the 27th of June. Extended ERTEs Valid for companies that applied for an ERTE for COVID Force Majeure before this new Royal Decree came into force (the 27th of June 2020) a

Covid-19 Measures In Place For Autonomos After 30.6.2020

The measures established last March for those affected by the cessation of activity or the drop in their turnover have been extended until September 30, 2020 . Exemption Social Security contributions The agreement reached with the Autonomo assoc

Covid-19 Reopening Seguridad Social, Employment Agencies, Tax Offices

The Seguridad Social will re-open most of their offices to the public as of the 25th of June, both the INSS and the TGSS. For the INSS you need an appointment. You can call 901 10 65 70  or make an appointment online, through their website. You

Covid-19 What Happens If There Is A 'brote'/spike In New Cases

Now that the State of Alarm is no longer in force, the health authorities in the Autonomous Regions must decide themselves if they want a certain area or province where there has been a spike in new cases, to go back in the de-escalation plan. E

State Of Alarm Lifted - New Normality Rules As Of 21.6.2020

As of today, Sunday the 21st of June, the State of Alarm is no longer valid. This means that the restrictions with regards to movement between Autonomous Regions are no longer in place. For as long as there is still an international situation of

De-escalation Update: 4 Autonomous Regions Now In Phase 'new Normality'

Cantabria, Catalunya, Galicia and the Basque Country. Update on the Moncloa website.
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