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Rental Problems And The Law On Talk Radio Europe

Bill Padley talks to CAB senior adviser and paralegal Myra on Friday October 19 at 11.30am. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/TRE-rentals-2018.mp3

After Death In Spain Are You Automatically An Organ Donor?

According the law, we are all donors unless we choose to opt out. Requirements for obtaining donor organs from the deceased: 1. Obtaining organs from deceased donors for therapeutic purposes may be performed if the following requirements are met

Cab Legal Clinic Fuengirola Mijas Costa, Brexit And The Bbc

CAB Spain will re-open the legal clinics in Fuengirola Mijas Costa for the spring summer months commencing on May 14 2018. We suggest that for your comfort, you make an appointment in advance using the email below. The legal clinic will open on

Cannot Pay Mortgage Is There Any Advice For Me?

The first thing one should do when aware that they cannot meet their monthly mortgage repayments, is talk with the bank director as soon as possible. The banks will often not tell you that due to non payment for three months, they can embark on

When You Need A Legal Adviser/lawyer


Survey. What Do You Expect From Your Spanish Lawyer?

Due to my involvement with our community for many years as what I can only describe as a trouble shooter, I have spent many hours with lawyers and also mediating between the professionals and the Ex-pat community. I had come to the conclusion th

Good News For Mortgage Holders Who Paid Costs Associated With Property Purchases

For those who have bought a property in Spain with a mortgage will have paid costs and fees associated with the mortgage on the purchase. These costs will include: valuation, notary, registry,(judicial taxes) and management fees. The Supreme Cou

What Can I Do If I Think My Mortgage Is Affected By The Clausula Suelo (floor Clause)?

On the 21/12/2012 the European Court of Justice ruled the invalidity of the abusive floor clause and demand that the banks return the amounts overcharged retroactively. The ECJ has ruled that the Spanish Supreme Court did not have the ability to

Monte San Juan De Los Terreros In Liquidation

This promotion went bust in 2011 leaving thousands of purchasers out of pocket. Thousands of investors, some of whom paid up to 150,000 euros for one of the off-plan properties, are not aware that they can recoup the money paid for the homes tha

Address Of A Court/juzgado In My Area

The larger towns in Spain are likely to have more than one court house. Example would be “Juzgado de Primera Instancia. ” In small town or village there may only be a “Juzgado de Paz.” (the Court of Peace). The court of

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