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How Do I Register To Vote In The Uk?

Follow the instructions on the UK government site below: Vote UK

What Are The New Consular Fees For 2018?

Below is the fee chart for services provided by the British Consulates. Consular Fees 2018

Public Consultation - Do We Need To Change Summertime Hour

Public Consultation. Do we want to change summertime hour? Below are two links one in Spanish and one in English. The online questionnaire is available in all EU Languages What do you think? Summertime change – Spanish Summertime chang

How To Apply For Cl@ve Pin?

The information in English on the government website. Clave Pin

Obtain Information About Sl Company

Information about statutes of the company, turnover, board of management, shareholders, whether the company is still active or not, available through various online companies, but practically all will ask for a fee and you need to register to ma

Service / Assistance Dogs - Access Everywhere?

Each autonomous region has its own regulations with regards to access to public areas, even if privately owned. In general, service dogs that assist a blind person should be accepted everywhere, but the regulations vary with regards to other ass

The Eu Commitment To Net Neutrality

With all the talk about the possible loss of network neutrality, thought our members may be interested in reading the information from the European Commission. EU Net Neutrality

Digital Certificate - Indispensable Why?

All the topics listed in the series recently posted on our facebook group, listed in this article, for your convenience. LINK TO ARTICLE

Check Id For Digital Certificate - Where To Go

Check where the office nearest to you is located. Can be Tax Office, INSS office or your own Town Hall. Nou need to bring valid ID, Residency Certificate and the application code for the Digital Certificate that you will have received by email.

What Is Burofax And How Does It Work?

Wondering how to send registered/certified/legal mail. Though the correos describe this as certified mail, it is more than that. A certified letter or Fax has no legal standing. Lawyers, banks or anyone who wishes to send a communication recogni

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