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Beaches In Spain Guide - Guia De Playas App

The government has developed an App where you can bring up information about the beaches in Spain, varying from the kind of sand you will find there, services available, where the nearest hospital is, the weather forecast and exact location with

Coronavirus - Taking Care Of Feral Pets

Published in the State Bulletin today. In the context of the state of alarm, and taking into account its objectives, among which is to contain the progression of the disease, the relevant Royal Decree provides for limiting the free movement of p

Don't Want To Receive Political Propaganda?

For whatever reason, environmental, political or to protect your privacy, then you can take yourself off the list that will be provided to Spanish political parties, should they request a copy of the electoral census for this purpose. Immediate

Loss, Change Of Ownership, Death And Abandonment Of Pets (andalucia)

As all pets by law have permanent identification (chip) in case of loss, change of ownership or death of your pet, you must notify the Municipal Registry. The easiest way is to contact an Authorized Veterinarian, where you will be provided with

Extensive List Judicial Translators/interpreters In Spanish Towns And Abroad

  List from the Spanish Ministry of the Exterior Updated 2020, starts page 18 Not vetted by CAB Spain so would appreciate your feedback.

Statistics Of Your Town

Interested in statistics? Number of inhabitants, foreigners, marriages, bruto income etc. based on date from the National Institute of Statistics, only a click away.   STATISTICS INFO TOWNS SPAIN

Postal Vote Local Elections Spain And Eu From Spain 2019

If you’re not able to cast your vote in person on the day of the local, or EU elections, you can vote by mail instead. EU Elections   Local Elections Spain Info Correos   For both, the window to apply at your local post office, i

.eu Domain Names Revoked For Uk Post Brexit?

An initial notice from the European Commission to the official .eu domain registry manager EURid, in March 2018, about the fact that as of the withdrawal date undertakings and organisations that are established in the United Kingdom but not in t

How Do I Register To Vote In The Uk?

Follow the instructions on the UK government site below:   Vote UK   Proxy Vote

What Are The New Consular Fees For 2018?

Below is the fee chart for services provided by the British Consulates. Consular Fees 2018