Coronavirus- Closure Of Inss (social Security) Offices

From March 16 until further notice the Social Security offices will be closed. Any urgent procedures can be carried out online. There are links for various processes including sending documentation. The site is in Spanish but your computer shoul

Regresar A España / Spaniards Returning To Spain

Regresar a España Documentación relevante para su regreso a España. Please read the information in the guide provided below. It is important to carryout procedures necessary before leaving your present country of residence.   Guía de r

In Receipt Of Pension And Work As Self Employed Autonomo

Whether or not you would have to register as Autonomo with both the Tax Office and the Seguridad Social depends on various factors. Whether you receive a full pension and are of legal state pension age in Spain. If not and under legal pension a

Widow's Pension Spain

In Spanish ´Pensión de viudedad’. To be able to claim it, both the deceased and the claimer need to meet certain requisites. This link to the Social Security magazine explains, it’s in Spanish and I´ll summarise some of it in Engl

Discounts Public Transport Extremadura

Available for the following groups of citizens: – Over 60 years – Persons benefiting from permanent disability contributory pensions, in their total, absolute or severe disability, recognized in the Social Security protection regimes

Can I Access My Spanish Pension Early?

Yes, you can, by maximum of 2 years, if you meet the requisites. Information from the Seguridad Social in English. LINK ‘JUBILACIÓN ANTICIPADA / EARLY RETIREMENT’  

Uk State Pension And Adult Dependency Increase - Ending 6th April 2020

From the UK Govt website. Adult Dependency Increase Adult Dependency Increase is a payment for a partner who is financially dependent on you. You may be getting this as part of your State Pension. Adult Dependency Increase closed to new applicat

Uk Government Or Non Government Pensions

Below is a list of what are classed as Government/Non Government pensions List Here INTM343040 AEAT competence in mutual agreement procedures (MAP)

Pension - Complemento Por Maternidad / Maternity Complement

The Spanish Social Security pension knows a complementary payment for those women who are also mothers, of at least 2 children. To compensate their generally shorter contribution period because of taking time out to take care of young children.
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