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Could I Be Entitled To Bereavement Allowance Living In Spain?

To find out if you may be entitled to bereavement benefit whilst living in Spain. Government UK Website >

Claiming Pensions When Worked In Various Eu Countries

An updated version with video from the EC. Claiming Pensions in the EU

Minimum Ages For Access To State Pension Spain – 2027

For the listing of how the minimum age for access to a state pension increases until it reaches 67 years in 2027 please click this link to the Seguridad Social website  

Delay (defer) Uk State Pension

You may if you wish delay/defer applying for your UK state pension. Please read the link below for more information. DEFER (DELAY) UK STATE PENSION

Receiving Spanish Pension As Uk Resident – How To Deal With Tax?

From our tax advisor Philip Carroll 04.02.2017 in answer to this question: ¨After many years living and working in Spain, I am now based back in the UK where I am in receipt of a Spanish State Pension. However, 8% IRPF is deducted by the Spanis

Uk State Pension Forecast

Need to find out how much state pension you are likely to receive please use the link below UK State Pension Forecast

How To Claim Your Uk Pension From Spain By Phone

Please note* This way of claiming a UK pension is not for those who have been employed or self employed in Spain with last work history here. In these cases, all pensions should be claimed from Spain. To claim your UK State Pension from abroad.

Pension Facts Spain 2017

As of January 1st 2017 the minimum age to receive an Old Age Pension in Spain is 65 years and 5 months. You can only still retire with 65 years if you have a work/contributing history of a minimum of 36 years and 3 months. Early retirement in or

Who Is Entitled To Subsidised Electricity (bono Social)

All households who have contracted less than 3KW Pensioners – The supply must coincide with the titleholder’s usual residence. – The supply must be covered by the Small Consumers Voluntary Price (SCVP). – The consumer must b

Applying For Pension From All Eu Countries

Information on this from the EU Website. Pension Abroad