Transactions Social Security Online?

The transactions that can be carried out online. INSS Website

Covid-19 Update Measures New Normality 14.8.2020

Update on Moncloa Facebook Saturday 15th of August: The Government and the Autonomous Communities have agreed on a series of prevention and containment measures for # COVID19. For its entry into force, the Autonomous Communities must approve the

Covid-19 Mobile Warning App 'radar Covid'

Link to article on the Moncloa website about the successful pilot project and further implementation of the App.

Covid-19 Health&safety Guide Holiday Rental Properties

Finally, the Ministry has published a guide for owners of holiday properties ‘viviendas de uso turistico’, with the regulations with regards to Health and Safety re COVID-19. LINK TO THE GUIDE Properties that are rented out by room,

How To Apply For Convenio Especial Healthcare In Murcia?

LINK TO MURCIA HEALTH SERVICE WEBSITE You need a digital certificate or Cl@ve to apply online. You can also download the form with the link on this webpage and ask your local health centre if they can help with the application. Or use the phone

Covid-19 Status Quo Use Of Masks 18.7.2020

Update 18.7.2020 Scroll down for details. 13.7.2020 As there are new ‘brotes’ spikes in Coronavirus cases all over Spain, many Autonomous Governments have decided to extend the obligatory use of masks to all public spaces, not just i

Covid-19 Correct Use Of Masks - A Reminder

Posted by the Health Ministry just now. Correct use of masks. * Wash your hands before you put it on. * The mask must cover your nose, mouth and chin at all times and needs to fit snugly. * Avoid touching it while wearing. * Don’t use the

Autonomos And Prevention/assessment Occupational Risks 'prevención Riesgos Laborales'

The only exception contained in the regulations for the Prevention of Occupational Risks is that of self-employed workers without dependent employees, who do not share a workplace with any other company or perform work for another business. All

Covid-19 What Happens If There Is A 'brote'/spike In New Cases

Now that the State of Alarm is no longer in force, the health authorities in the Autonomous Regions must decide themselves if they want a certain area or province where there has been a spike in new cases, to go back in the de-escalation plan. E
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