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How Can I Find All Types Of Health Centres And Hospitals Andalucia/valencia?

Clink the link below and use the drop down menu for the type of health centre you are looking for. Follow instruction by adding your town and post code. Find my Health Centre Find your centre on the map. Health Centres Valencia

Healthcare For Roi For Persons Resident Abroad

For information on transfer of healthcare from Ireland, please read the following links HSE health cover Information via the EU

The E121 Or S1 For Application For Healthcare In Spain?

Both depending which country provides the forms. English Spanish

Benefits For Carers And People With Disabilities - Uk

Information from the UK government, including Attendance Allowance.   HERE   Note:The EU court ruling which meant Attendance Allowance can be paid in other EU countries has a cavaet. This is that AA cannot be paid if the individual get

New Universal Healthcare Law July 27 2018 Faqs

Update 20 February 2019. With emergency General Elections in Spain on the 28th of April, we are not positive about a further implementation of this law in any of the Autonomous Regions before it’s clear which party will rule in Spain after

Universal Healthcare Rights-how To Check Entitlement?

Due to the entry of the new Royal Decree reference to healthcare from public funds for those residents who are not obliged to obtain healthcare from other means, use your social security number to see entitlement. Healthcare Rights

New Universal Healthcare Royal Decree - Consequences Convenio Especial

UPDATE 9.8.2018 Info obtained from Málaga Delegación de Salud: Yes the Junta in at least Malaga are annulling the convenio especial. They say that all those registered for this healthcare, will receive a communication. In the meantime they a

S2- Patients' Rights In Cross-border Healthcare

Please read through the following link for questions and answers concerning S2 cross border healthcare Q&A: Patients’ Rights in Cross-Border Healthcare

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