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Coronavirus - Prescriptions From Hospital Pharmacies

Order published today, establishing temporary rules with regards to the dispense and administration of prescription meds by hospital pharmacies. Hospital pharmacy services may not dispense medications from the hospital dispensing for more than t

Coronavirus - Home Delivery Prescriptions Andalucia

Info from the Junta de Andalucia. Medication delivery at home to fragile patients or those with displacement difficulties. The dispensation will include drugs, whether or not they are prescribed by a doctor, as well as medical and sanitary produ

Coronavirus - Information On Safely Assisting Neighbours

From the Spanish Civil Protection Service ´Protección Civil’´.   ‘Link to full-size poster with recommendations.

Q&a Covid-19

Information from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Questions & Answers

Coronavirus - Taking Care Of Feral Pets

Published in the State Bulletin today. In the context of the state of alarm, and taking into account its objectives, among which is to contain the progression of the disease, the relevant Royal Decree provides for limiting the free movement of p

Coronavirus-information From The Ministry Of Health

Information in Spanish from the Spanish Ministry of Health. Includes posters with questions & answers. Information

Coronavirus- Closure Of Inss (social Security) Offices

From March 16 until further notice the Social Security offices will be closed. Any urgent procedures can be carried out online. There are links for various processes including sending documentation. The site is in Spanish but your computer shoul

Coronavirus - What About Visits To The Vet?

These are the recommendations of the Official College of Veterinarians of Seville for the care of pets. LINK TO INFOGRAPHIC Appointment. Go to the vet by appointment only. Hygiene. At the entrance and exit of the consultation use disinfectant ge

Coronavirus - What About Homeless People?

Information from the Vicepresidency of Social Rights. Translated, Social Services, supported by the Armed Forces, will take care of daily distribution of hygiene products, food and beverages to all homeless people. They will explain prevention

Coronavirus - Guide For Employers And Employees

Published by the Ministry of Work and Social Economy about rights and obligations for both employers and employees, preventive measures in the workplace, etc. In Spanish.   LINK
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