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Pre-april 2012 Resident-am I Entitled To Free Healthcare?

The law on healthcare rights are quite clear. Free healthcare from the Spanish NHS for legal residents. Due to concern about the cost, the INSS are using a modification to the residency law and added a cut off date for this right. The right is o

Alternative Or Natural Medicine - Regularised In Spain?

Alternative or natural medicines or therapies, like oriental medicines, acupuncture, homeopathy, quiropractice or osteopathy, but also nutritional therapies, Reiki, hypnotherapy to name just a few, are NOT regularised in Spain, unless practiced

Disability - How To Start Assessment In Spain?

First of all, your disability accreditation from abroad, won´t be recognised here in Spain. To be able to make use of services or benefits available in Spain, you´ll have to have your disability assessed through the Spanish Social Security sys

Pensioner Couples And Claiming Healthcare With S1

Whilst the UK and other EU countries will provide an S1 to cover healthcare in Spain for a pensioner and spouse, it is important to be aware that when the dependent spouse also reaches pensionable age, they should apply for the S1 in their own r

Pension From Multiple Eu Countries - Who Pays Your Healthcare?

According to EU Directive from 1983 regarding the ´competent state´ re healthcare benefits for pensioners. ¨Which is the competent State? For the right to benefits in kind (healthcare), the competent State, which bears the cost of the benefit

Apply For (replacement) Medical Card In Catalunya

According to the CatSalut´s website, not possible online, only in person, through your medical centre. More info about first applications HERE and about replacement cards and possible fee to pay for those HERE

Registro Sanitario - For Businesses Manufacturing, Selling Or Distributing Food

Info on who should register and how, in English HERE   You can also use their online office to register a product you want to bring onto the market, file a complaint about an establishment, errors in labelling on products that have caused a

Disablement Benefits Republic Of Ireland

Info on what kind of benefits available, exportable to other EU countries etc. through THIS LINK

Sip Card Being Replaced In Valencia For New Model

The Generalitat are replacing the old SIP cards for the new model Photos below. The new Red and Grey card should provide you with health cover in whatever region you visit. Please check this with your health centre. Present Card and still valid

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