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Covid-19 What Happens If There Is A 'brote'/spike In New Cases

Now that the State of Alarm is no longer in force, the health authorities in the Autonomous Regions must decide themselves if they want a certain area or province where there has been a spike in new cases, to go back in the de-escalation plan. E

Electronic Prescriptions - Faqs On Use In All Of Spain

List with FAQs about the use of electronic prescriptions and getting them filled in another region than your own. From the Health Ministry, in Spanish. Below a translation for a few of them. What do I need to present at a pharmacy office to pick

Reminder Of The Basic Rules When Outside And Returning To Your Home

Outside your home: Avoid touching surfaces and when you do, wash your hands with water and soap as it’s more effective than wearing gloves. Avoid touching your nose, your mouth or your eyes. Maintain a social distance of 2 metres. Use mask

Opening Of Beaches And Swimming Pools In Phase 2

Use of beaches. The transit and stay on the beaches will be carried out in the terms provided in the paragraph 2 of article 7 (In any case, safety and hygiene measures as established by the health authorities for the prevention of COVID-19 must

Naf And Nuss Numbers - What's The Difference?

NAF stands for Número de Afiliación de Seguridad Social, it is the number that identifies you if you are paying into the social security system. You need it to apply for benefits, to register for public healthcare e.g. NUSS stands for Número

All Those Arriving From Abroad Must Self Quarantine For 14 Days

Update June 21. From the UK government for UK visitors to Spain. “On arrival, travellers entering Spain from the UK will not be required to self-isolate however, they will be subject to the following three requirements: Provide contact inform

Coronavirus - Flexibilisation Phase One: Sports

From the Ministerial Order published in the State Gazette on the 9th of May 2020. Conditions under which professional and federated sports activity must be carried out Article 38. Opening of the High-Performance Centers. 1. Access to the High-Pe

Coronavirus - De-escalation Situation As Of May 2nd 2020

From the speech by the Health Minister this evening. Updated 1 .5.2020 with information from the Press Release Moncloa website and publication ministerial order in the State Gazette. Outings as of Saturday, the 2nd of May during different time-s

Coronavirus - New Study Antibodies Amongst Population

With this study, the Ministry of Health and the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), under the Ministry of Science and Innovation, in close collaboration with the Autonomous Communities, intends to estimate the percentage of the Spanish populat

Coronavirus Access To Regular Healthcare Appointments For Residents

Full information from the British Embassy. Access to regular medical treatment for residents in Spain_April 2020 (002)
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