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Unplanned Healthcare Abroad: Payments And Reimbursements

If you have encountered a charge for healthcare abroad when using your EHIC/TSE. This charge should be presented to the Health authority or INSS in the area you reside. Please read the link below for further information. Payments and Reimburseme

Free Public Healthcare Catalunya

According to the website of the Catalunya Government, the only requisite to be entitled to a medical card is registration on the padrón of a town in the Autonomous Region. And provide legal ID, so passport or ID card. LINK TO WEBSITE You can ap

How To Apply Convenio Especial Healthcare Catalunya


Public Healthcare In Spain - Entitlement And Dependants

Info in English from the Spanish Social Security (INSS or CAIS) on who are entitled to public healthcare and when you are, who you can register as your dependants ‘beneficiarios’. Also info on formalities, how to check your entitleme

Need Financial Or Practical Help Getting To Regular Hospital Appointments?

From the AECC (Spanish Cancer Association) website. “Provision of health transport: favoring access to health care of the National Health System, to patients who, due to clinical impossibility, or geographical distance from the health cent

Diabetes And Driving Licence

Information from the Foundation for Diabetes in Spain: In accordance with a European Directive on the same subject, since September 2010, the period of validity of driving licenses for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes (requiring treatment

How To Apply For The Convenio Especial Andalucia

Convenios: Special agreements for the provision of healthcare They are agreements for health care for people with effective residency in Spain who do not have the status of insured or beneficiaries of the National Health System, by paying an eco

Special Convenio For Non Professional Carers Of Dependent Family

If you are taking care of a family member and have obtained recognition as such and are receiving economic benefits through the Ley de Dependencia, and you are not a professional carer, you can subscribe to a special Convenio with the Tesorería

Unplanned Healthcare Abroad - Payments And Reimbursements

Info on how to act with and without EHIC / TSE.   INFO FROM THE EU The relevant authority to claim reimbursement of costs made abroad, would be the INSS. No forms available online, you will have to make an appointment at the office that cov

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