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Who Has The Right To Healthcare In Spain And Much More?

Object: The purpose of the Social Security health care is to provide the medical and pharmaceutical services necessary to preserve and restore the health of its beneficiaries, as well as their aptitude for work. Insured: They will have the st

Applying For The Global Insurance Health Card (ghic) Ehic

If you are holidaying or travelling to Spain, you will be entitled to apply for the GHIC. Pensioners, overseas workers and others who hold an S1 may be entitled to the EHIC. Healthcare centers in Spain will normally accept the EHIC without co

Register Your S1 Online?

Register your S1 online. Also if necessary, you can apply for a temporary certificate from the UK. Update August 2.2021. The government has updated it system for registering the S1 online: Website Register Online

Not Able To Register Your S1? Apply For The Prc

There has been difficulty in obtaining appointments to register the S1 with the INSS. There is an online procedure for submitting documents. The link is below. Register S1 Online Applications can be made to the Overseas Healthcare Team for a Pro

Spanish Governments Strategy On Covid 19 Vaccinations

From the British Embassy for those with private healthcare. We know that some of you are concerned about how you will get the Covid vaccine in Spain, particularly those of you who access healthcare via private health insurance. The Spanish Minis

Uk Nationals Visiting Spain To Be Covered For Healthcare- Ghic

Extract From the U.K. government website. “ If you need emergency medical assistance during your trip, dial 112 and ask for an ambulance. You should get a free UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) or European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) bef

Response From The Council Of The European Union On Question Of Uk Travel Restrictions From 1.1.2021

Decision made today December 16. “Please be advised that current epidemiological situation does not allow the UK to be included today in Annex I of the Council Recommendation on the temporary restriction on nonessential travel into the EU

Who Has The Right To Healthcare As Beneficiaries

Extract with some additions taken from the law on social security healthcare rights: Individuals who, fulfilling the requirements referred to in the following sections, find themselves in any of the following situations shall have the status

Has Your Bank Sold You A Life Insurance Policy?

Banks & Life Insurance Policies. Were you coerced into taking out a life insurance when applying for a mortgage? Were you told it was a requirement for obtaining the loan? Did you pay a lump sum for the life Insurance policy? If

The Right To Free Healthcare As A Permanent Resident?

This question keeps popping up. Neither ourselves or others who have contacted the embassy have been able to get a clear explanation on how to apply for this healthcare. We can only think that the embassy has possibly picked this from the regula