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Sip Card Being Replaced In Valencia For New Model

The Generalitat are replacing the old SIP cards for the new model Photos below. The new Red and Grey card should provide you with health cover in whatever region you visit. Please check this with your health centre. Present Card and still valid

Why Are Andalucian Health Cards A Variety Of Colours

Simply because they do not expire. Some are the older models. Full information on your health cards in Spanish. Use your computer to translate. Information and Pictures

Health Card Application Murcia

Below is a link in Spanish. Not simple but there is a telephone number 968 Government Murcia

Can I Check Online If I Am Still Entitled To Healthcare?

Yes you can. You can do so by following the Spanish government website directions below.   Right to Healthcare  

Convenio Especial-legally Resident For One Year Before Applying?

Most of the provinces have drafter requisites for making an application to buy into the NHS for healthcare. This information including details from the various provinces can be found by searching ‘convenio especial’ on this website.

Cover Medical Card Withdrawn – Possible Reasons

Unfortunately, the Seguridad Social doesn´t inform those insured for public healthcare, if in their opinion, something in your personal circumstances has changed or needs to be re-confirmed, to guarantee continued entitlement but instead the co

Co-pago Prescription Meds, What Percentage Should I Pay?

Please consult the link (scroll down to pic with summary of all situations) to check what code corresponds with your situation. Any alterations in your personal situation should be processed automatically. If the correct code does not appear on

How Do I Find A National Health Doctor?

in Spain unlike the UK and other European countries, doctors do not have their own surgeries. Each town depending on its size, has one or more Health Centres (Centro de Salud). National Health doctors are based there. Each centre again dependin

On Holiday With A Ehic? Take Care Where You Go For Treatment

The holiday season is here and we are receiving enquiries from holidaymakers who though in possession of the European Health Insurance Card have been invoiced for treatment. The EHIC only covers costs in National Health hospitals or health cent