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Cctv Cameras In Community Of Properties – Legality

Is it legal to place video vigilance cameras in the communal areas of a Community, to prevent crime and vandalism, for example? First of all, our FAQ with general info on the legality of CCTV camera´s on private property. FAQ from website Speci

Cctv Cameras Installed On Property – Allowed In Spain?

For full info read the file from the Agencia de Protección de Datos, the Data Protection Agency – in Spanish.   Guide Video Vigilancia – in Spanish   Summary, specific for Vivienda/Private home   Summary, specific for

Communities Law-ley De Propiedad Horizontal

The law governing communities of owners including Apartments, town houses and villas in a community. The law is in Spanish and the translate option on your computer should give you a good idea but do be diligent with translations. The law updat

What Are The Rules On Plants On Boundaries?

The law contemplates a division known as a medianerio/medianera which could be a fence or wall that serves as a division between two properties and agreed by both neighbours. This can be two meters in height so approx. six feet. There are also r

Can I Pay My Community Fees To Other Than The Administrators?

For those property owners who have a plausible reason to not wish to pay their community fees to their administration company, may place the fees with a notary or the courts. Suggested person is a good notary who can also be brought in to mediat

Can I Become A Candidate For The European Elections?

Yes you can. Please visit this LINK for full information.

Can I Vote In The European Elections?

. Yes you can if a EU citizens and those from other countries with an agreement resident in Spain you can vote in the European elections. Visit this EU Commission LINK for full information. Note* June 20 2018. There will be no change to the rig

Can I Stand For Election In The Municipal Elections?

You can if you meet the requisites. You should be over 18 years old. Be a resident in Spain and registered on the padron Have declared your interest to vote in the elections and registered in the census. Meet the requisites required by Spanish l

Does My Town Have A Recycling Plant?

Known as ‘Punto Limpio’ and a place to dispose of residue such as paint, contaminants, batteries, electrical goods etc. Visit the link below to find the plant nearest to you. Puntos Limpios Puntos Limpios Andalcuia

What Is The Communities Tax Form Modelo 347?

For information, please visit this LINK

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