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Gaps/shortfall In Your National Insurance Record

If you find that you do not have full qualifying years, you may be able to top up your contributions Additional Voluntary Contributions

De-registering As Tax Resident: Certificate Of Fiscal Residence Convenio

When you try to de-register as resident with the Spanish Tax Office, you are likely to be asked to provide a Certificate of Fiscal Residence Convenio. You can obtain this from HMRC by completing the online request form. Although it is quite long

Renting Out Habitual Home – Fiscal Consequences

The fiscal allowances for those that purchased their ´habitual home´/ Vivienda Habital before 2013 forms one of the biggest and most widespread perks amongst tax payers in Spain. To be able to make use of this fiscal benefit you must occupy th

How To Make A Complaint Against The Tax Agency (agencia Tributaria)

You can make a complaint against the tax agency online. You can also use the same link to follow up your complaint. Claims made via this system does not constitute an appeal. Will not suspend any proceedings. Its presentation does not suspend t

As Pensioners, Must We Pay Tax In Spain?

Please read through the two links below.   Am I Tax Resident   Dual Taxation  

Must I Make An Annual Tax Declaration?

For information on general tax, read the information provided in the link below. Even if you are exempt from paying taxes, do speak to an accountant to make sure that you enter the system to become a fiscal resident. This means that you will be

Consult Tax Data For Renta Online

Access with either Digital Certificate installed on your computer, Cl@ve Pin or your 2016 Tax Reference Number. Info on how to obtain the latter and how to access Datos Fiscales HERE The most important Tax Data at a glance on the Agencia Tributa

Embargo By Tax Agency – How To Check For More Info

You´ll need a digital certificate or Cl@ve Pin for access to the data re embargoes (attachments is what the Hacienda website calls them). LINK   You can also check under ´mis notificaciones´ on this section of the Agencia Tributario webs

Resident In Spain With Rental Property In Uk – Things To Consider

  For more information please read the file with the same title in the Library, Taxation section. Or for direct access click THIS LINK

Do I Pay Income Tax On Unemployment Benefits?

Yes you do. Unemployment benefits (paro) are seen as income from work and therefore subject to Income Tax and need to be included in your RENTA. Although SEPE/INEM should withhold a percentage of IRPF retention, in practice they do not always do