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Modelo 030 Tax Agency - To Communicate Changes Fiscal Data

For example when you no longer reside in Spain, but maintain property here, so effectively want to change your status from resident for tax purposes, to non-resident for tax purposes. You can do so with a digital certificate installed on your co

Inheritance Tax Murcia 2018

As of January 1st 2018, in Murcia, like in Andalucia, allowances up to 99% with regards to Inheritance Tax, if the one inheriting person is either parent, child or spouse of the deceased. Thus stated in the Law that approves the General Budget f

Modelo 210 And Rustic Property - Exempt?

In answer to a question by one of our members about a property that was classified as ´urban´ on the IBI invoice, but the land as ´rustico´ – whether exempt or not with regards to  ´imputed rental income´ on the Modelo 210  ´non-r

Digital Certificate - Indispensable Why?

All the topics listed in the series recently posted on our facebook group, listed in this article, for your convenience. LINK TO ARTICLE

Tax Certificate Contractors And Subcontractors

To be requested from the Tax Agency by the above mentioned if the main contractor so requires. It´s to safeguard the latter with regards to chain liability tax debts. More info HERE

Renta Income Tax Declaration - How To Obtain A Copy?

Through the electronic office of the Agencia Tributaria website. You´ll need either digital certificate, Cl@ve PIN or the CSV code on the receipt you will have received when filing it electronically. If you had a gestor do it for you, him or he

Tax Agency - Check Status Of ´expedientes / Files´

Any notifications from the Tax Office about tax declarations, fines, embargoes etc.  that you have received and appealed or answered for example, are available online and you can check the status of your ´expedientes / files´ through the elec

Tax Rates And Allowances Spain 2017

Information files available in our Library, Taxation section, or click the links below for direct access. NATIONAL   REGIONAL

Payments To The Tax Office - Possible To Pay In Instalments?

In most cases yes, but the way to apply for fractioned payment differs. If still within the ´voluntary payment´ window, like with RENTA Income Tax before the 30th of June, you can tick the relevant box for fractioned payment. Outside the ´vol

Tax Identification Numbers - Tin

As we are now seeing a lot of questions asked about the TIN numbers, we have in the link below a list of jurisdictions. Please click the link for your tax jurisdiction. TIN numbers