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Embargo By Tax Agency – How To Check For More Info

You´ll need a digital certificate or Cl@ve Pin for access to the data re embargoes (attachments is what the Hacienda website calls them). LINK   You can also check under ´mis notificaciones´ on this section of the Agencia Tributario webs

Resident In Spain With Rental Property In Uk – Things To Consider

From our tax advisor Philip Carroll in response to member who intends to take up residency in Spain, his main source of income is from several rental properties in the UK. Firstly, as far as tax is concerned there is a double taxation agreement

Do I Pay Income Tax On Unemployment Benefits?

Yes you do. Unemployment benefits (paro) are seen as income from work and therefore subject to Income Tax and need to be included in your RENTA. Although SEPE/INEM should withhold a percentage of IRPF retention, in practice they do not always do

Statement Of National Insurance Contributions For The Uk

You may need to fill in the following  form if you’ve asked for a U1, E301 certificate or a full statement of your National Insurance record UK National Insurance contributions statement

Modelo 030 To Register With Agencia Tributaria

Modelo 030 is the form you use to register as fiscal resident with the Tax Office, or communicate any changes in your personal data or to indicate an address for notifications, if you wish to receive them on another than your fiscal address. You

Home Improvements – What Percentage Iva Should Builder Charge?

The following article from the Agencia Tributaria website gives information in what cases the regular IVA percentage of 21% can be lowered to 10%. Info in Spanish. AGENCIA TRIBUTARIA ON ´REFORMAS VIVIENDAS´

Vehicles 25 Years Or Older – Exemption ´road Tax´

Once your vehicle is at least 25 years old, you can apply for exemption of ´road tax´ Impuesto de Vehículos de Traccion Mecánica / IVTM. It´s irrelevant whether the vehicle has been put on special historic plates or is on regular Spanish pl

Inheriting A Small Sum – Do I Need To Pay Iht

From our tax advisor Philip Carroll. Inheriting a small sum – will I have to pay Inheritance Tax? It depends where you live, as inheritance tax can be varied by the region where you live. However, it’s unlikely on a small amount, as

Joint Or Individual Income Tax Returns – Renta?

From our tax advisor Philip Carroll.   If you submit a joint return you receive an additional allowance of €3,400. If you both have income over €3,400 it’s cheaper to do individual returns. Available for married couples. Sadly, co

Receiving Spanish Pension As Uk Resident – How To Deal With Tax?

From our tax advisor Philip Carroll 04.02.2017 in answer to this question: ¨After many years living and working in Spain, I am now based back in the UK where I am in receipt of a Spanish State Pension. However, 8% IRPF is deducted by the Spanis