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Consumer Affairs

What Are The Electricity Time Bands?

Here is the information on the different hours in time bands in relation to the cost. Time Bands

Making A Consumer Complaint In Las Islas Canarias

In Spanish only. Details and Forms Form to present in the establishments Form to present the the address general of consumers

Solvit Will No Longer Be Covering The Rights Of Uk Nationals In The Eu

SOLVIT will no longer cover the rights of UK nationals exercising EU free movement rights as from 1 January 2021. Any complaints received from UK nationals involving EU legislation will need to be referred to the European Commission through th

Eu Regulations For E-commerce Online Selling

With the present situation with restriction of movement, more businesses are setting up online sales where they have no contact with the customer. Also for customers to check that existing companies are complying with the EU regulations protecti

Has Your Bank Sold You A Life Insurance Policy?

Banks & Life Insurance Policies. Were you coerced into taking out a life insurance when applying for a mortgage? Were you told it was a requirement for obtaining the loan? Did you pay a lump sum for the life Insurance policy? If

Covid-19 New Bono Social Electricity And Cooling/heating

There is a further extension from December 2020. As approved in the Consejo de Ministros on the 29th of September 2020. Electrical social bonus for family units in which some of its members are unemployed, on ERTE or have had their working hours

Caixabank Commissions As From 1.10.2020

Info from FACUA-Consumer Organisation. Caixabank has announced that as of October 1 it will begin to apply a commission of 60 euros per quarter to its checking accounts, although it has indicated that it will apply reductions to said amount base

'brushing' Activies Envelopes With Seeds - Ministry Asks For Public's Help

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food asks the people who receive these envelopes to inform the Agriculture area of ​​the corresponding Government Delegation or the Plant Health services of their autonomous community to proceed wit