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Consumer Affairs

Can I Open A Bank Account In Eu Country I Do Not Reside In?

Simply yes.   Full Information   The EU Directive that is mentioned in the link above and that directs member states to make arrangements to offer consumers a basic bank account that can be opened anywhere in the EU, as well as ´be mo

Data Protection Agency - What Does It Do?

Full info in this informative leaflet, in English. As of May 2018 the new Data Protection Law will come into force, we will update when more info on how this new law will be implemented, has become available.   LINK TO WEBSITE DATA PROTECTI

Digital Certificate - Indispensable Why?

All the topics listed in the series recently posted on our facebook group, listed in this article, for your convenience. LINK TO ARTICLE

Calendar Workdays 2018

Download PDF through this link. Choose  ´calendario laboral 2018´. The pdf that will open includes information for all Autonomous Regions.   LINK TO GOVERNMENT WEBSITE

Check Id For Digital Certificate - Where To Go

Check where the office nearest to you is located. Can be Tax Office, INSS office or your own Town Hall. Nou need to bring valid ID, Residency Certificate and the application code for the Digital Certificate that you will have received by email.

Csv Code On Government Documents - What Is It?

CSV – Sure Verification Code or in Spanish: Código Seguro de Verificación is a code, usually added at the bottom of documents that are issued by government administrations. More info in English HERE You can verify the authenticity of 

Registro Sanitario - For Businesses Manufacturing, Selling Or Distributing Food

Info on who should register and how, in English HERE   You can also use their online office to register a product you want to bring onto the market, file a complaint about an establishment, errors in labelling on products that have caused a

Complaint Forms Online Service

In Andalucia business owners or self employed people have the choice, either offer their customers complaint forms in paper form, or subscribe to an online service. The sign to display on the premises should reflect the website address of the Ju

Can I Make A Complaint Against Judiciary/judge/magistrate?

Yes you can. Follow the instructions on the Site of the website below in the Spanish language. Complaints against the judiciary  

Pound Coin Changeover – Facts

For our members from the UK, information from the Royal Mint on the Pound Coin Changeover that is in its final weeks. LINK