Coronavirus - Measures To Soften Effects Of Covid-19 27.5.2020

Published in the State Gazette on the 27th of May, valid as of the 28th. Phone/internet contracts. From the start of the State of Alarm it was not allowed carry out a ‘portability’ procedure if you changed suppliers, if they involved

Coronavirus - Voluntary Moratorium Mortgages And Private Loans Banks

Apart from the alleviating measures that the National Government has announced, with regards to mortgage moratoriums and private loans, the two big banking associations AEB and CECA have issued a statement that they will help out their clients,

Coronavirus - 50 And 30 Alleviating Measures: Autonomos

Update 20.5.2020. Fourth injection of this time 20.000 million euros into the ICO ‘avales’ system for government-backed loans for Autonomos and small businesses. Window to apply till 30.9.2020. Further info HERE. Update: info Haciend

Coronavirus - 50 Alleviating Measures: Rental Situations

  1.5.2020 Updated with Conditions to Apply for Micro-loans – different than mentioned below!   Update Updates from Royal Decree published in the State Bulletin on the 22nd of April in red. Updates from Order published in the St

The Register For Life Insurances - How To Consult

The Registry of death coverage insurance contracts depends on the Ministry of Justice and in it all life insurance contracts (with death coverage) and accident insurance covering the insured’s death must be registered, excluding those in w

Banco Or Caja - What Is The Difference?

In short, Cajas or savings banks are non-profit entities, Cajas Rurales or rural savings banks should have their main objective in the provision of financial services in rural areas and Bancos or banks are for-profit entities that share their pr

How Is The Ibi Calculated?

The town hall of each municipality sets how much real estate tax (IBI) is to be paid for the properties that are located in its territory. The tax is calculated over the catastral value of a property. From the Catastro website: What is the ratea

Commissions For Mortgage Bank Account Abusive?

If your mortgage lender has obliged you to open a bank account with them, for the sole purpose of the mortgage payments, and is also charging the account with commissions for maintenance, then this recent ruling from the Audiencia Provincial cou

Basic Bank Account Commission Capped At 3 Euros/month

Further to our FAQs from December 2017, the Spanish Government has finally followed up on the Royal Decree from November 2017, and a European Directive from 2014 with regards to the obligation for bank to offer Basic Bank Accounts, and has appro

Cross Border Debt Recovery?

MUTUAL ASSISTANCE FOR RECOVERY OF DEBT EU Commission Regulation 1189/2011 of 19 November 2011. This note only cover EU Member States. There is however scope for use outside of the EU Debts covered All taxes and duties collected by the competent
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