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Resident In Spain With Rental Property In Uk – Things To Consider

From our tax advisor Philip Carroll in response to member who intends to take up residency in Spain, his main source of income is from several rental properties in the UK. Firstly, as far as tax is concerned there is a double taxation agreement

Becas / Grants All Levels Of Education

Please click the link below for an overview, arranged by month in which the window to apply will open.   LINK TO OVERVIEW BECAS

Bank Ombudsman Banco De España

The link to the area for information for making a claim, in Spanish only. You should first make the complaint in writing at the bank where you have a complaint. Giving the bank a period of time to answer, say 14 days before you take the claim to

Maximum Amount You Can Pay In Cash

The total was  2.500, now (December 2016)  lowered to 1.000 euros, as communicated to the press after the Consejo de Ministros early December. Will update with exact date that this measure will come into force when  published on the State Bul

Uk Marriage Allowance

Are you entitled to the UK Marriage Allowance   Please read the following LINK

Must I Purchase Insurances In Spain?

No you do not have to purchase insurances in Spain. You can check around the EU and see what is the best deal for you. This includes insurances for: vehicles, house, life and much more. The only insurances you cannot purchase this way is social

How Can I Obtain A Credit Check?

This will depend from which administration you need a certificate of no debt (certificado de deuda pendiente/o the no deuda). These certificates are provided by the tax office (Agancia Tributaria) and the Social Security administration

Uk Small Claims Court Online

Are you living in Spain and have a debtor in the UK the following link may be useful https://www.gov.uk/make-money-claim-online

How Do I Obtain A Certificate Of Nonresidency?

You may receive notification in Spanish something like this: CERTIFICACIÓN NEGATIVA RESIDENCIA EXPEDIDA MINISTERIO INTERIOR O TARJETA IDENTIDAD EXPEDIDA MINISTERIO ASUNTOS EXTERIORES The bank is asking for a certificate of declaration of nonre

Can I Claim Uk Benefits If Move Or Travel Abroad?

For information on claiming benefits from the UK in Spain, please visit this LINK Contact the exportability team.