Non-essential Travel To Schengen/eu From Non-eu Countries, Update 16.9.2020

Update 16.9.2020, valid till midnight the 30th of September 2020. List below. From the State Gazette published on the 30th of June, valid till midnight the 8th of July, waiting for ‘the list’ with countries to be granted access gradually, fo

Covid-19 Measures Airports - Update 31.7.2020 Different Form For Ferries

Updates 31.7.2020 Update 1.7.2020 with details about the tests. With regards to the temperature-test, a temperature greater than 37.5 ºC is established as the detection limit. The temperature should be taken with thermometers without contact or

Ecrs European Car Rental Conciliation Service

ECRS – an organisation that aims to help with unresolved cross border rental car problems in the EU and the UK. You can file a complaint online but the website also has a section with FAQs that could be of assistance. LINK TO ECRS WEBSITE

Beaches In Spain Guide - Guia De Playas App

The government has developed an App where you can bring up information about the beaches in Spain, varying from the kind of sand you will find there, services available, where the nearest hospital is, the weather forecast and exact location with

Faqs For Uk Nationals And Their Families Residing In Spain

For most of your questions about residency during the transition period and the new residency procedure. FAQs in English from the Spanish Government in the link below: Brexit Guide FAQs CAB Short Version Which boxes to tick on the Form EX23 CAB

State Of Alarm Lifted - New Normality Rules As Of 21.6.2020

As of today, Sunday the 21st of June, the State of Alarm is no longer valid. This means that the restrictions with regards to movement between Autonomous Regions are no longer in place. For as long as there is still an international situation of

De-escalation Update: 4 Autonomous Regions Now In Phase 'new Normality'

Cantabria, Catalunya, Galicia and the Basque Country. Update on the Moncloa website.

Taking My Uk Vehicle To Spain?

  Who you should notify in the UK   Do I Need to Advise DVLA of Change of Address in Spain?

Responsible Tourism - New Covid Quality Label

The Secretary of State for Tourism has created the ‘Responsible Tourism’ label for all those establishments that follow the Guidelines for measures to reduce contagion by COVID-19 in the tourism sector, the only ones endorsed by the
citizens advice spain


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