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Coronavirus - ´rescue´ Flights Spain-uk

Info from the British Embassy re flights up until Monday the 30th of March. If you are in Spain and want to return to the UK, there are still several commercial options available. You may need to be flexible on the airport in the UK and if you a

Hotel Closure & Unable To Return Home. Government Provides List Of Accommodation

The British Consulate has provided this information. The list of accommodation available on the link below. Accommodation Available Link to Info from the Spanish Government in English.

Coronavirus-travel Home Cover Letter British Embassy

  The letter below has been posted by the British Embassy Madrid to facilitate travel for UK nationals returning home. Save the letter to be able to print. If refused passage, please contact the embassy or consulate.    

Coronavirus - Hotels To Close

Amendment published 24.3.2020 in orange. In addition to bars and restaurants, and all retail businesses with exception of those mentioned in the Royal Decree as published on the 14th of March, now all hotels and similar accommodations, tourist a

Coronavirus-restricting Movement Of Citizens

The Government has approved a general measure to maximise restricted movement by citizens. During the validity of the state of alarm, people may only circulate along the roads or spaces for public use to carry out the following activities, whic

Coronavirus - What About My Schengen Visa If I Am Stuck In The Eu

What to do if you’re stuck in the EU because of the travel restrictions? We suggest that you apply for an extension of your visa giving the reason of ‘force majeure’ because of the State of Alarm and the travel restrictions thr

Coronavirus - Additional Regulations Public/private Transport

Ministerial Order published today. Professionals with CAP certificates. Those with professional qualifications and a CAP certificate expiring on a date as of 1.3.2020 will have 120 extra days, counted as of the end of the State of Alarm (or 30 d

Coronavirus - Información Para Turistas Españoles Y Estudiantes Erasmus En El Extranjero

La ministra de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación, Arancha González Laya, ha instado este miércoles a los turistas españoles en el extranjero a que regresen “en la mayor celeridad posible, mientras sigan abiertas las conexiones áreas

Coronavirus - Travel To And From The Canary And Balearic Islands

Automated translation from Royal Decree. Summary. Article 1. Prohibitions. 1. From 00:00 on March 19, 2020, the carrying out of any type of commercial or private flight, originating from any airport located in the national territory and destinat

Coronavirus Passenger Rights

COMMUNICATION FROM THE EU COMMISSION Interpretative Guidelines on EU passenger rights regulations in the context of the developing situation with Covid-19.   Full Information
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