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Types Of Assistance When Unemployment Benefits Are Exhausted

The pandemic has left thousands of workers in a difficult financial situation and who may be entitled to unemployment if they have contributed to Social Security for at least one year. However, when this contributory benefit ends or has not been

What If I Overstay In Spain Due To Travel Restrictions?

Overstay caused by travel restrictions. In the context of the coronavirus outbreak, visa holders present in the Schengen area who could not leave before the expiry date of their short-stay visa have had their visa extended up to a maximum stay o

You May Be Entitled To The Minimo Vital Payment

Information. Simulator to check entitlement and application. Helpline 900 20 22 22 Application online: Information & Application Mínimo Vital Simulator

Questions & Answers About The Covid Vaccination Program

The information from the Spanish government website in Spanish only. You can use your computer or iPad to carry out a translation for you. FAQs

The Government Reinforces And Extends Aid For Autonomos Till May 31

The Government reinforces and extends aid for the self-employed until May 31 The objective is to alleviate the situation of these workers as a consequence of # COVID19. ▶ ️ The benefits are extended in the following cases: ▪️ Due to susp

Spanish Governments Strategy On Covid 19 Vaccinations

From the British Embassy for those with private healthcare. We know that some of you are concerned about how you will get the Covid vaccine in Spain, particularly those of you who access healthcare via private health insurance. The Spanish Minis

Restriction On Travel By Air Into Gibraltar

The restriction will apply from midnight December 23rd.

Response From The Council Of The European Union On Question Of Uk Travel Restrictions From 1.1.2021

Decision made today December 16. “Please be advised that current epidemiological situation does not allow the UK to be included today in Annex I of the Council Recommendation on the temporary restriction on nonessential travel into the EU

Simplified Information About The Pcr Test To Enter Spain-includes Forms

Welcome to the Spain Travel Health portal. To protect your health, the Government of Spain has implemented a series of measures to protect the general public’s health, including health control of passengers upon arrival in Spain. From this web

Urgent Measures To Support The Self Employed And Companies

Form the Government website.   The Government has approved a Royal Decree-Law with new urgent measures to support the liquidity and solvency of the self-employed and companies. With decisions in the financial and bankruptcy areas. Some: ✳