The Law In Spain

New Drivers Regulation - Preview Novelties

From the online DGT Magazine, published 10.9.2020. The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) plans to approve the modification of the General Drivers Regulation that will mean the transposition of Directive 2006/16 of the European Union into Span

Register On The Padrón Before Residency Or Not? Plus Faqs

Whenever such a question arises on our Facebook forum, we get a plethora of responses when members share their experiences.  Members who had to register on the census before being provided with the residency certificate and those that registere

Coronavirus - State Of Alarm Update 6.4.2020

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 7th, during the Congress of Ministers, approval will be sought for the proposal to extend the State of Alarm till the 26th of April. Update: approved on Thursday the 9th. The Tightened Lockdown, in place since Tuesday the 3

Coronavirus - New Measures Re Dismissals Published 28.3.2020

Big headers in the Spanish press since yesterday, when it was announced that the Congress had voted on a further measure to protect workers against dismissal as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. One of the main objectives of Royal Decree-Law 8/20

Extension To The State Of Alarm Now Official

Congress has agreed that the State of Alarm should stay in place until midnight on the 11th of April.

Coronavirus - Guidelines Divorced Parents

From the family-law section of the College of Lawyers in Madrid.  There is no reference to this in the royal decree on the special measures. Therefore we advise contacting the police forces in your area for clarification. 1º.- The parents must

Rental Deposits Madrid

Info HERE Link to FAQs in the column on the left.

Renting A Room - Any Tenant's Protection?

Tenant’s protection is guaranteed for long term rentals, for ‘uso vivienda’ in the Spanish Urban Lease Law (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos or LAU). Status quo in September 2019: 5 years (or 7 if the landlord is a business). The

Bars & Restaurants, Legally Obliged To Serve Free Tap Water?

The very short answer is no, in most of the Autonomous Regions there is no law that obliges bar and restaurant owners to serve their clients tap water without charge. There are laws that regulate this in the regions of Navarra, the Balearic Isla

Requisites Setting Up An Online Shop

No opening licence needed, as you don’t have actual premises from where you sell to the public, but there are a whole lot of other laws and regulations that you will have to comply with. First, you need to register as self employed Autonom
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