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The Law In Spain

Application For Firearms Licence

The application must be made at your nearest Guardia Civil department of ‘Intervencion de Armas’. There are various requisites of which there is a list below. Note that it is not permissible to hold arms in Spain without a licence You

Fire Risks – Andalucia / Valencia

GENERAL INFORMATION Since June 2011, the period of high fire risk in Andalusia, (previously the high danger began in July), due to the entry into force of the Emergency Plan approved by the Junta de Andalucía in September 2010. The start of the

Building Licences Including For Renovations

Acquiring a building licence is the first step if you are planning to build your home. There are further licences needed during the various stages such as proof of build or end of works to achieve the well known “licence of first occupatio

Is The Use Of Dashcams Legal?

To be clear, it´s not a traffic offence as according to Traffic Law they are legal to use as long as they do not obstruct the driver´s view of the road, but it could be an offence under the data protection act, and if the camera makes unauthor

Can I Contact A Criminal Lawyer 24 Hours?

CAB Spain have found a criminal lawyer who offers this service in the Malaga province. We hope to add other regions when available. The emergency lawyer should only be contacted when there is an urgent need for a criminal lawyer. You may find yo

What Is A Denuncia?

Denuncia translated from Spanish basically means “Complaint”. In Spain we can consider that as more serious than making a complaint and more as in the English “Denounce” inform against. Once you denounce someone you shoul

Posting Photos On Facebook – Am I Allowed To?

Several laws in place that are relevant to this issue. La Ley de Protección al Honor, Intimidad y Propia Imagen (Protection of Honour, Privacy and Own Image) that ´translates´ an individual´s fundamental rights as stated in the Spanish Const

Metal Detectors – Legal To Use?

There is a law for Spain and also regulations in the regional communities. There are areas and beaches where there is a total ban. There are also many rules in relation to archeological sites. Please ask the guardia civil in your area or check y

Bee Keeping – Rules And Regulations

Apicultura, national regulations in this Royal Decree from 2002. Small summary with regards to minimum distances to urban centres, residential areas etc. 2. Los asentamientos apícolas deberán respetar las distancias mínimas siguientes respect

Compulsada Copies Of Original Documents

The alternative to carrying originals of documents is to take the originals to a Notary and obtain a Notary-produced “Copia Compulsada” of each of them. This MUST be done by a Notary on their own special numbered paper, then signed,