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The Law In Spain

Own A Bar Or Shop, Can I Play Music?

If you own a bar, pub, restaurant or similar, that would depend on your opening licence. More info HERE Besides that, you would need to subscribe to a service that takes care of payment for Author’s rights to publishers, composers and song

How To Denounce And The Procedure When You Present A Formal Accusation?

Who can denounce (accuse)? Anyone who is considered a victim, witness or injured due to an unlawful act or omission (failure to act). In the case of minors or incapacitated persons, the parents or the Public Prosecutor may lodge a complaint. Wha

Extensive List Judicial Translators/interpreters In Spanish Towns And Abroad

List from the Spanish Ministry of the Exterior 2019 Not vetted by CAB Spain so would appreciate your feedback.

Need To Testify In Spanish Court But Abroad?

When you are called as a witness in a courtcase in Spain, but are not in the country, or have to travel from out of town to attend,  the law provides for the possibility to participate in the case by means of videoconferencing, through Skype fo

Right Of Family Member Of Eu Citizen To Remain After Divorce/legal Separation/de-registration Of Partnerships

Maintenance of the right of residence of the family members, in the event of death, departure from Spain, nullity of the marriage bond, divorce, legal separation or cancellation of registration as a registered couple, in relation to the holder o

Vaping / Electronic Cigarettes - What Are The Rules?

Vaping is included in the Tobacco Law amendment from 2014. It is allowed in ´hosteleria´ establishments, even inside if no outside facility available. Also allowed at place of work, but at the discretion of the employer. So can prohibit or res

Right To A Document Certifying Permanent Residence

You will find a full explanation on the right of a permanent resident to apply for an updated or duplicate certificate for the inclusion of permanent residence status: “residente comunitario permanente en españa desde –/–/—

Can I Check If I Am On The Electoral Role/census?

Yes, you can, with a digital certificate installed on your computer, or Cl@ve Pin. On the website of the Statistics Institute INE.   LINK TO THE ELECTRONIC OFFICE INE

Claiming Expenses When Summoned To Appear In Court As Witness Or Expert?

Translation of the article from the Law of Criminal Procedure: “Witnesses who appear to testify before the Court will be entitled to compensation, if they claim it. The Judicial Clerk will fix it by decree, taking into account only the exp

Drones - Regulations, Faq And More

Info from the Spanish government, including FAQs, regulations, contact info. HERE

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