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The Law In Spain

Must I Carry Identification?

All citizens in Spain are obliged to carry documentation. Regardless what is accepted or whatever experiences, we must post what the law for foreigners in Spain states. A valid passport or proof of renewal application. Also accompanied by cer

Holiday Rentals Catalonia

As in practically all autonomous regions, in Catalonia you have to register your property, if used for holiday lets. Either holiday apartment, specifically for this use, or ´vivienda´ that is rented out part of the year. Full info in English f

Tourist Tax Cataluña – As Of October 2017

Different rates for Barcelona city and rest of Catalonia/Cataluña as of October 1st, in accordance with Royal Decree 141/217 of September 19th. Higher rates for those establishments that offer gambling facilities. Info from the Generalitat in E

Farm Animals – Licences And Registration

To be able to keep farm animals legally, you need a ´Código de Explotación Ganadera´ from the government of your autonomous region. A farm licence registration, basically,  that has certain requisites to be met for each species of farm anim

Wells And Water Reservoirs, How To Find Out If Registered?

All wells and water reservoirs, whether on public or private land, should be registered with the authorities of your Autonomous Region. Within the Department of Medio Ambiente there´s a division called ´Agua´ and they control the register. Th

What Is The Clause That Should Be Added To Our Wills?

Since August of 2015 the European Regulations on Succession became law in Spain having come into force in 2012. The regulations contain around 84 articles (version below) the ones that interest the non Spanish community are the articles stating

Can I Make A Complaint Against A Judge/magistrate?

Yes you can. Follow the instructions on the Site of the website below in the Spanish language. Complaints against the judiciary  

Eco-tax Tourists Balearic Islands Doubled As Of 1.1.2018

Those holidaying in the Balearic Islands will have to pay double the amount as presently, in the form of Eco Tax, supposedly to finance projects that will compensate for the enormous increase of the population during the holiday season and its i

Rural Tourism Casas Rurales Andalucia

For info on how to register your rural property for holiday lets please go the Library, Property section or click this link for direct access. LINK

Cctv Cameras In Community Of Properties – Legality

Is it legal to place video vigilance cameras in the communal areas of a Community, to prevent crime and vandalism, for example? First of all, our FAQ with general info on the legality of CCTV camera´s on private property. https://www.citizensad