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Telephone 060 - Alternatives Available

Instead of calling number 060 to access the information service of the Spanish State Administration, when you call from abroad you need to use number +34 902 887 060. But not all providers support calling 902-numbers from abroad and the cost cou

Autofirma Software - Where To Download?


Changes To Uk Passports

Please read the following link for the proposed changes to UK passports Design and Colour changes

Public Healthcare In Spain - Entitlement And Dependants

Info in English from the Spanish Social Security (INSS or CAIS) on who are entitled to public healthcare and when you are, who you can register as your dependants ‘beneficiarios’. Also info on formalities, how to check your entitleme

Replace-vital-documents/certified Copies/usa

To Replace or request certified copies of original documents. Vital Documents Where to apply/states

How Is The Ibi Calculated?

The town hall of each municipality sets how much real estate tax (IBI) is to be paid for the properties that are located in its territory. The tax is calculated over the catastral value of a property. From the Catastro website: What is the ratea

Eu Elections- How To Vote In Spain

Please  read the following list of faq’s EU Elections – Spain Municipal/european Elections

Extensive List Judicial Translators/interpreters In Spanish Towns And Abroad

List from the Spanish Ministry of the Exterior 2019 Not vetted by CAB Spain so would appreciate your feedback.

Art. 50 Extension - The Facts

Facts from the EU Decision on the extension of Art. 50, 11th of April 2019. 29.3.2019  Original date when the UK was supposed to leave the EU, as a result of invoking Article 50 on the 29th of March 2017. 12.4.2019   First extension date. 31.

Gateway Account Hmrc - Tax Certificates Dual Taxation

Creating your own Gateway Account with the HMRC can be useful, to apply for a U1 form, but also to apply for tax certificates online that can be useful with regards to dual taxation and being able to prove you paid tax on your government pension
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