How Can Citizens Advice Bureau Spain Benefit You?

    As an expatriate living in Spain; do you find that the Spanish bureaucratic system can be disconcerting? Have you discovered that the simplest of transactions are difficult to conclude? Find yourself searching for answers to problems only to discover that there is nowhere where you could find a solution? I am assuming that the answer […]

    Citizens Advice Spain Autumn Seminar Manilva 2014

    Part TWo Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

    European Law Newsflash

    Welcome to my blog!! On this blog I will regularly publish flashes from newly approved European Laws, Directives, Rulings etc. whenever I read something newsworthy for all members in the notifications I receive on a daily basis. But also much lighter tidbits of information on events happening, being celebrated or reported in the countries of […]

    Spain at same level as Ghana or Suriname when it comes to freedom of press

      Major Dutch newspaper reports about an updated list of countries with regards to their freedom of press, investigated and published by Freedom House, an independent organisation in the U.S. Media concerns in Spain are victim of the economic crisis as well, they have trouble surviving. Journalists ever often practice self-censure for fear of losing […]

    European Capitals of Culture

      BOE Newsflash Background The European Capitals of Culture initiative was launched in 1985 and over 40 cities have been designated since then. The current programme will end in 2019 and as the E.C. feels that it has definitely served its purpose, a new one has been approved to continue the programme for the years […]

    What is The EU directive on Cross Border healthcare?

    I bet you haven’t heard about this, the EU directive on cross border healthcare. This is a little known directive that gives all EU nationals the right  to obtain healthcare services in any EU state, as long as they are entitled to the same services in their own country, and as long as they are not […]

    European Broad Band

    Read in a communication from the European commission regarding EU guidelines for the application of State aid rules in relation to the rapid deployment of broadband networks. The importance of broadband deployment as part of the EU´s growth strategy for the coming decade is outlined there and one of it´s flagship initiatives, the Digital Agenda […]

    EHIC Rejection: The Holiday Season is Upon us. Headaches! Avoid Them!

    Last year there was a lot of fuss about hospitals on the Costa’s asking for private insurance from patients instead of the EHIC. I would like to make my position clear. If you have paid your travel costs including medical insurance and the hospitals then sends the bills to the insurance company instead of the […]

    It May Appear Comical, But it May Be Illegal to Drive in Flip Flops

    It is unlikely that tourists visiting Spain will be familiar with all the laws relating to driving on Spanish roads. Those of us who reside here are expected to be aware of these laws. Most having taking a practical and theory tests back home may also have never read up on the regulations. Summer is […]

    How our Organisation Saves and Accumulates Wealth for our Members

    It is a beautiful and typically hot May afternoon in Andalucía. I could not avoid taking out my laptop and sitting in a cool area of my patio to draft a short blog. Here at the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain, we do many things. Besides the obvious, we are always looking at ways to save […]

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