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Claiming Unemployment Benefit

Information from the SEPE site. There is a dropdown menu for language changes.

Paternity Leave

Info from the Seguridad Social, in Spanish languages, French and English   HERE Info from our website, updated April 2019. HERE

Sepe Changes Telephone Numbers

From August 2021.

Right To Unemployment Benefit If Worked As Self Employed?

The right to claim unemployment benefit as self-employed if you were employed in earlier years. SEPE

Posting To Spain-where To Pay Social Security?

Obligations of the employer 1. An employer who has its registered office or place of business outside the competent State shall fulfil all the obligations laid down by the legislation applicable to its employees, notably the obligation to pay th

Types Of Assistance When Unemployment Benefits Are Exhausted

The pandemic has left thousands of workers in a difficult financial situation and who may be entitled to unemployment if they have contributed to Social Security for at least one year. However, when this contributory benefit ends or has not been

Living In Spain Working Abroad-where To Pay Tax And Social Security?

Information Here Information from the EU Portal Information on Country Coverage The A1 Form

Extended Leave To Care For Your Newborn?

Child Care Leave: A Practical Guide After the great reception of the article of reduction of working hours for legal guardianship, we present a new article that complements it, the figure of leave for childcare. As always, the usual question and

Am I Entitled To Unemployment Benefits?

Information in English and other languages. SEPE