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Right To Residence And Employment As Person Highly Qualified

The full information on the Spanish government site below in Spanish only. Most computers will have a translation option. Other option is to click right mouse for a translation. Highly Qualified Applicant

Online Notifications Seguridad Social

Like all government organisations, the Seguridad Social can send notifications about ´tramites´ they´ve started, debts, refunds etc., telematically. You can access them through their electronic office, with a digital certificate installed on

Minors/children Not Allowed To Work- Any Exemptions

Minors/children not allowed to work, are there any exemptions to this? This is covered by the ITSS (Inspección de Trabajo y Seguridad Social.) You would need to apply with the office covering your local area for any exemption available, to the

Register As Self Employed Autonomo. First Tax Office Or Social Security?

Definitely register with the Seguridad Social first, up to 60 days before you intend to start your activities as self employed. The date you register with Haciena, the Tax Office will then count as your official startdate and your Autonomo contr

Fbi Criminal Records Check

Information from the US Embassy. HERE

Tpc Tarjeta Profesional De La Construcción - What Is It?

The TPC is a card that contains information about your work experience, level of education in your field and formation with regards to prevention of accidents at work ´Prevención de Riesgos Laborales´. For all sections of construction, from m

Autonomo News 2018/2019

First the good news. Several Autonomous Regions have amplified the Tarifa Plana, first stage of 50 euros/month, increased to 12 month by the national government earlier this year. First to do so was Murcia, announcing a Tarifa Cero for new Auton

Modification Of Authorisation To Work?

Options to modify the right of residency work permits. In Spanish only. Modifications of Authorisations.

Tax Calendar For Autonomos

So as not to be caught out, deadlines for the various tax declarations you are supposed to file as Autonomo or small business PYME. Including IVA, IRPF retentions, the yearly RENTA and ´Impuesto de Sociedades´ if applicable. No doubt your gest

Redundancy Pay Finiquito And Income Tax

If you are let go and are entitled to redundancy pay, part of your finiquito, then you need to declare the full amount to the tax authorities on your RENTA income tax declaration, assuming you are a resident. If the redundancy pay meets certain

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