Covid-19 Mecuida Special Leave Of Absence For Carers

Automated translation from a recent addition to the Government website with information about COVID Measures for workers. MECUIDA: Special leave of absence The Government has established measures to care for those who have dependents in their ch

Covid-19 Important Notices Sepe 22.6.2020 And 27.8.2020

22.6.2020 Information on the recognition of the increase in the benefit for dependent children for people affected by ERTE. All those who have a regulatory base of less than € 52.29 are not affected by the calculation of sons or daughters, sin

Working In The Uk - Requisites

Information from the Spanish Government for those that want to go to the United Kingdom to (look for) work.   LINK  

Autonomos And Prevention/assessment Occupational Risks 'prevención Riesgos Laborales'

The only exception contained in the regulations for the Prevention of Occupational Risks is that of self-employed workers without dependent employees, who do not share a workplace with any other company or perform work for another business. All

Received Paro/erte But Started Working Or Moved Abroad Mid Month - What To Do?

From the SEPE website: When any situation occurs that involves the loss or interruption of the collection of an unemployment benefit or subsidy (for example, a placement or transfer abroad), you must notify the employment office. In these cases,

Covid-19 Seguridad Social Faqs New 'ayudas' Autonomos As Per 1.7.2020

Link to a publication from the Seguridad Social with FAQs about the financial help available for Autonomos as per 1.7.2020. In Spanish. And a guide from the Ministry with all different alleviating measures listed.

Covid-19 New Credit Lines Autonomos And Businesses To Re-activate (tourism) Economy

Summary of measures approved in a Royal Decree published in the State Gazette on the 6th of July 2020. Approval of a Credit Line for coverage on behalf of the State of the financing provided by supervised financial institutions to companies and

Covid-19 Ertes And Income Tax (renta) 2020 (declare 2021)

As ERTE payments are unemployment benefits paid out by SEPE, they will be seen as another source of income from work for the purpose of your resident’s income tax RENTA in 2021, over tax year 2020. This could cause you to be obliged to fil

Covid-19 Erte Regulations Extended After 30.6.2020

Information from the Royal Decree, published in the State Gazette on the the 27th of June. Extended ERTEs Valid for companies that applied for an ERTE for COVID Force Majeure before this new Royal Decree came into force (the 27th of June 2020) a

Covid-19 Measures In Place For Autonomos After 30.6.2020

The measures established last March for those affected by the cessation of activity or the drop in their turnover have been extended until September 30, 2020 . Exemption Social Security contributions The agreement reached with the Autonomo assoc
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