Coronavirus - Conditions Micro-loans Rent Situations

Update from the Government on 29.5.2020. The following banks and ‘cajas’ have formalized the adhesion contract to the Leasing Endorsement Line with the Official Credit Institute (ICO) Bankia, Santander, Sabadell, Cajamar, Liberbank,

Coronavirus - 50 Additional Alleviating Measures 31.3.2020

The Government completes the protection and support for vulnerable groups, companies and the self-employed with more than 50 new measures Tuesday March 31, 2020 The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday a new package of economic and social

Coronavirus - 50 Alleviating Measures: Mortgage Moratorium Amplified

Update from the Royal Decree with 30 More Measures, published 22.4.2020 in green. Updates from the Royal Decree with 50 Alleviating Measures, published 1.4.2020, in orange. Info valid for mortgage moratoriums for the following properties. a) The

Law For Second Chances - Debt Cancellation For Returning Autonomos

In Spanish ‘La Ley de Segunda Oportunidad’ enabling those that couldn’t make their business work and ended up being in debt, to have a large percentage of their debts (up to 70%) annulled when they want to try running their own

Cross Border Debt Recovery?

MUTUAL ASSISTANCE FOR RECOVERY OF DEBT EU Commission Regulation 1189/2011 of 19 November 2011. This note only cover EU Member States. There is however scope for use outside of the EU Debts covered All taxes and duties collected by the competent

On Minimum Wage Or Pension? How To Respond To Bank Embargoes

The Law of “Civil Procedure” does not permit that funds are taken in the form of embargoes from your bank if you are on the minimum pension or wage. The information for minimum wages (SMI) HERE For those receiving 14 payments annuall

Mortgage Paid Off, What To Do Next

Once you´ve paid off your mortgage, in order to get the debt lifted from the property records, you need to go through some administrative procedures. You need to take the mortgage escritura plus a certificate from the bank that confirms the mor

Calculate Amount From Salary Pension That Can Be Embargoed?

Use the tax agency calculator below.  Add the amount of the embargo and then the monthly salary pension or income. If the amount earned or pension is below the SMI (950/month, 14 payments as per 2020) your account cannot be embargoed. This can

Aragon – Catalogue Of Social Services Amplified 2017

In the autonomous region of Aragón, the amount of citizens that are at risk of social exclusion because of insufficient income or no income at all, because of longterm unemployment for example, has grown significantly quicker in the past 5 year

Must I Pay Utility/other Debt Left By Previous Owners?

For a full explanation including debts that the new owners are liable for. Which Debts Will Remain on the Property?
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