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Aragon – Catalogue Of Social Services Amplified 2017

In the autonomous region of Aragón, the amount of citizens that are at risk of social exclusion because of insufficient income or no income at all, because of longterm unemployment for example, has grown significantly quicker in the past 5 year

Must I Pay Utility Debt Left By Previous Owners?

For a full explanation including debts that the new owners are liable for. Which Debts Will Remain on the Property?

Added To A Debtors List, What Can I Do?

You can be added to one of the list containing names of debtors if you have accrued a debt of as little as five euros as there is no minimum limit. Before being added to a list, you should have been sent a bill which resulted in nonpayment. Only

How Can I Obtain A Credit Check In Spain?

This will depend from which administration you need a certificate of no debt (certificado de deuda pendiente/o the no deuda) certificates are provided by the tax office (Agancia Tributaria) and the Social Security administration (INSS). For a g

How Can I Check If There Are Any Outstanding Fines In My Name?

With or without a digital certificate installed on your computer, you can consult the official TESTRA noticeboard for any fines against your name, your NIE or your vehicle licence plate.   LINK TO TESTRA   Info from DGT Trafico about n

Families In A Situation Of Exclusion/food Banks?

Families or individuals in Spain who find themselves in what is known here as ‘situation the exclusion’ can have access to the food banks provided in various towns. Many will have seen charity workers collecting foodstuff from shoppe

Are There Options As I Cannot Pay My Mortgage?

You will find the information on the article below helpful. Mortgage Debt For information pertaining to your individual case, please contact Myra You may be advised to seek further advice from a lawyer with expertise in the field of mortgage d

Where Can I Obtain Advice On Mortgage Debt?

The information on the article below, will be helpful. Mortgage Debt Each case of mortgage debt must be examined by individual merits. For first step please contact Myra at: myra@citizensadvice.org If necessary you may be advised to seek furt

What Is A 'daciÓn En Pago?

Literally translated ‘dacíon en pago’ is ‘ payment in kind’ used for those who find that they cannot pay their mortgage debt and wish to return the property to the bank,  walking away without a debt. It is not easy to a

Can I Incur A Debt For Utilities From A Previous Owner

No the utility companies cannot insist that you pay a debt due by a previous owner or tenant (if the bills were in their names) This was a practice used in the past by a certain Electricity provider. They occasionally use this ploy even today. I