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Interviews and talks by the CAB Spain team on radio and TV

Talking About Residency With Updates Live On Radio

Bill Padley talks with Myra about residency. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/MYRA-RESIDENCY-UPDATE2019-12-06_11-00-00.mp3

Myra Is Live On Tre Friday 15 At 11.30am With Topics Chosen By Our Members

Chatting about the new law on regularising your property in Andalucia, Banks and the insistence on the client taking out life insurance policies with mortgages and loans, holiday home owners driving in Spain and problems with using their driving

No- Deal Brexit-your Licence Will Not Be Valid To Circulate In Spain-listen Live

“If Brexit takes place, your UK permit will not be valid to circulate in Spain”. DGT. CAB adviser will be answering questions on this topic on Friday morning October 11 at 11.30am. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/upload

Residency Applications-what Is The Present Status? Live On Talk Radio Europe

Residency applications, updating for permanent residency, relocation, how to apply and can you apply? This topic will be discussed by a CAB senior adviser on Friday September 13 at 11.30am. Your frequency, listen online, how to call or email t

Cab Adviser Will Be Chatting On Tre About Pensioners And Healthcare

Onz Friday July 19 at 11.3pam, Myra will be chatting with Giles Brown of talk radio Europe about pensioners and healthcare.  For your frequency, listen live, call or email the Studios, all the details in the link below.   home

What Type Of Lawyer Are You Instructing And Denuncia Procedures

Friday morning at 11.30am. Details for your frequency, how to listen online, email, call or WhatsApp the studio, all details can be found on the link below. home

Cab Adviser Talks On Padron Related Topics On Talk Radio Europe

On Friday morning June 7 at 11.30am. All about the padron (census). For the frequency in your area, how to listen online, call, WhatsApp or email the studio. *Residency and residencia (Spanish Translation) can be used for EU citizens. The wordin

Talking About The European Health Insurance Card (ehic) Live On Radio

Friday May 10 at 11.30am live on Talk Radio Europe. CAB adviser discusses the EHIC. For your frequency, listen online, email, WhatsApp or call the studio. Full details on the link below. TRE

Requisites For A Certificate Of Permanent Residence And Padron Obligations

Live on Talk Radio Europe. The requisites by law and the reality to update residency certificates. For your obligations as regards the town hall census (padron).   https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/MYRA-Residency-2019-04-

Cab Adviser Live On Talk Radio Europe Discussing What Matters To You

Friday March 22 at 11.30am. Members questions answered. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/Myra-Questions-BP-2019-03-22_11-00-00.mp3

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