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Flora And Fauna

'brushing' Activies Envelopes With Seeds - Ministry Asks For Public's Help

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food asks the people who receive these envelopes to inform the Agriculture area of ​​the corresponding Government Delegation or the Plant Health services of their autonomous community to proceed wit

Coronavirus - Taking Care Of Feral Pets

Published in the State Bulletin today. In the context of the state of alarm, and taking into account its objectives, among which is to contain the progression of the disease, the relevant Royal Decree provides for limiting the free movement of p

Farm Animals – Licences And Registration

To be able to keep farm animals legally, you need a ´Código de Explotación Ganadera´ from the government of your autonomous region. A farm licence registration, basically,  that has certain requisites to be met for each species of farm anim

Beaches For Dogs – Nationwide

Please consult this list, up to date for 2017 BEACHES FOR DOGS Note: some of the beaches on the list may have restrictions re months or specific times during the day, so please pay attention to the signs posted at the beach itself. When in doubt

Register For Domestic Pets And Dangerous Dog Breeds Balearic Islands

The information in Spanish on the website link below for potentially dangerous breeds. For others, visit the town hall if they hold a register or the local vets. Register and Information in Spanish

Register For Domestic Pets And Dangerous Dog Breeds Canary Islands

Government website but also please check at your local vets and town halls. Website Details

Register For Domestic Pets And Dangerous Dog Breeds Murcia

Please find full information in Spanish. Includes some forms and addresses.   Dangerous Dogs info   Pets Adoption Programme

Register For Cats Dogs Ferrets Andalucia (raia)

You should go to the nearest veterinarian clinic or veterinary establishment or, where appropriate the animal municipal centre (ask at your town hall if they have one. The professional there will take care of everything.

Dangerous Dogs Breed Register Valencia.

The information (in Spanish) includes a list of dogs plus full information on requisites and forms. Register Website Information

Is It Illegal To Grow Rhubarb In Spain?

No it is not, but as the leaves of rhubarb are highly toxic, especially for goats and sheep, and you live in an area where goats or sheep roam free or are ´taken on walks´ with their keeper you have to make sure to only grow it in a fenced are