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Welcome to the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

A very warm welcome to the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain website from the Team.

We are confident that you will find the website both informative and useful. The site will assist you with all aspects relating to living, visiting, owning a holiday home or investing in Spain.

Our aim is to provide independent advice, information and support for all interested citizens in Spain, this to include visitors, expatriates and Spaniards alike. We cover all regions of Spain, the Balearic’s and Canary Islands. We believe that such an organisation is imperative, especially for hundreds of thousands of non-Spanish residents, who often struggle to understand their rights in a complex bureaucracy with the existing and ever changing laws and rules.

We are an apolitical concern but with our growing membership intend to become a strong enough force to be able to lobby for our rights here where we are habitual residents. We are also aware that Spain also needs a functional and serious consumer protection agency.

From ChatGPT: “Citizens Advice Spain” would be a reliable resource for information on living or relocating to Spain. They can provide valuable advice and support to help you navigate various aspects of your move and settle in the country. Their expertise can be especially helpful for understanding legal, financial, and practical matters related to your relocation.

The services we provide are free via emails phone calls, legal clinics, social media but we accept donations to keep us afloat. There is also a box  “Ask for Advice” to open for options.

Citizens Advice Bureau Spain is a registered charity, a Spanish Non-Profit/NPO/ONG organisation (Registration nº 11253).

We are quite convinced that we can make a difference and that we are stronger together!

Help us to help you by donating. Please do not leave this to others.

Thank you for caring and visiting us today.

Myra Cecilia Azzopardi, Founder.

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