Which Boxes To Tick On Form Ex-23 For Special Tie

The Form EX23, to be used by UK Nationals and their non-EU family members to obtain the special TIE that accredits their status as residents under the Withdrawal Agreement. Options on the form. 4.1 TIPO DE DOCUMENTO □ TARJETA INICIAL □ RENOV

Changing Residency From Non-eu Country To Spain. Import Info Tax Office

Info from the Spanish Tax Office about importing goods when taking up residency here and coming from a nonEU country. Valid for Spain mainland and the Balearic Islands, for the Canaries you need to consult the information from the local tax auth

Faqs For Uk Nationals And Their Families Residing In Spain

For most of your questions about residency during the transition period and the new residency procedure. FAQs in English from the Spanish Government in the link below: Brexit Guide FAQs CAB Short Version Which boxes to tick on the Form EX23 CAB

Is There Still Time To Get New Residency Document And Exchange Driving Licence Before 31.12.2020

With the recently announced new procedure for first time residents, so those that do not have a green EU residency certificate as proof of their registration on the Registro de Extranjeros de la Unión, it will become increasingly uncertain if U

Brexit Servicio De Atención A Ciudadanos Españoles De La Embajada En Londres

De la página web de la Embajada de España en Londres. 31/01/2020 ¡Novedades! Nuevo servicio de atención a los ciudadanos españoles Ya está disponible en fase de prueba el nuevo servicio de atención a los ciudadanos españoles de la Ventan

Brexit Info From The Spanish Tax Office - Companies, Professionals And Non-resident Tax

Guides, info on customs and excise taxes, FAQs, informative meetings and lots more on THIS PAGE FROM THE AGENCIA TRIBUTARIA If you are a business owner or a professional here in Spain and have dealings with the UK, I strongly suggest opening all

Trading And Sending Goods From Spain To Uk And Vice Versa Post Brexit

Information from the Spanish Government re Customs during the transition period and after 1.1.2021, in English. HERE Further info from the Spanish Tax Agency for companies and professionals. HERE

Prohibition Import Of Plants, Fruits And Vegetables To Eu From Noneu And Eu Territories

Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 requires Member States, seaports, airports and international transport operators to make available to passengers information concerning prohibitions and requirements for the introduction of plants, plant products and ot

Special Brexit 060 Info Spanish Government

Info service on the subject of Brexit, available as of February 1st 2020, in English and Spanish. From the Government website: “Its objective is to respond to the calls of citizens, both Spanish and British, and to inform in relation to th

Exchange Or Renew Uk Driving Licence For Spanish During Transition Period

Situation back to normal, holders of a UK licence can use the same procedure as all other EU licence holders, until the end of the Transition Period, so until the 31st of December 2020. LINK TO DGT WEBSITE WITH FULL INFO Info for visitors, re In
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