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To “empadronarse” (register On The Padrón) Before Residency Or Not?

Whenever such a question arises on our Facebook forum, we get a plethora of responses when members share their experiences.  Members who had to register on the census before being provided with the residency certificate and those that registere

Can I Change My Stay For Studies For Residency/work?

Find the information on the Spanish government website below. Use your computer to translate if necessary. Modification of Studies for Work Permission

How Do I Apply For Dni Or Spanish Passport?

To apply for a number of identification or passport for Spanish Nationals. Cita Previa DNI/Pasaporte

Update On The Renewal Of Spanish Passports And Dni

Please note the link below which will provide full information. There is a link for making an appointment. Do open up the list of offices in Spain which are open. Renewal Passport/DNI

Validity Of Foreigners Cards/family Members Of Eu Citizens And Various Visa Extension Information

Measures Brought in Due to the State of Alert Article 1 Extension of temporary residence and/or work and stay authorisations 1. The temporary residence and/or work authorisations and the stay authorisations for studies, student mobility, non-l

How To Check Padrón Registration

You can access the data the National Statistics Institute holds with regards to the municipal padrón registers. You need a digital certificate installed on your computer, or a Cl@ve Pin. LINK TO WEBSITE

Regresar A España / Spaniards Returning To Spain

Regresar a España Documentación relevante para su regreso a España. Please read the information in the guide provided below. It is important to carryout procedures necessary before leaving your present country of residence.   Guía de r

Dutch Residents Who Have Taken Spanish Nationality - 10 Year Rule Novelties

Info for those Dutch nationals who have taken Spanish nationality based on the length of time they’ve been residents, so more than 10 years, and didn´t renew their Dutch passports in time, which resulted in their automatic loss of Dutch n

Update Residency Certificate Barcelona - Member's Experience

Permanent residency –Oficina Extranjería Rambla de Guipúscoa, 74 (Next to metro Sant Martí on the Purple line) You don’t need an appointment if you already have a NIE and reside in Barcelona, just ask for a ticket B at the desk (If there
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