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Returning To The Uk To Reside? Information From Cab And The Uk Government Website

Please note the information on procedures that should be taken before leaving Spain.   Leaving Spain     Returning to UK  

Importing Household Goods Change Of Residence - Info Spanish Tax Office


Discounts Public Transport Extremadura

Available for the following groups of citizens: – Over 60 years – Persons benefiting from permanent disability contributory pensions, in their total, absolute or severe disability, recognized in the Social Security protection regimes

Temporary Residence/work Authorisation/visa For Noneu

Generally to be applied for from your home country, at the Spanish Consulate there, before you go to Spain. Info for those who plan to work as self employed (autonomo) HERE and for those who will be working as employee on a work contract (cuent

How Is The Ibi Calculated?

The town hall of each municipality sets how much real estate tax (IBI) is to be paid for the properties that are located in its territory. The tax is calculated over the catastral value of a property. From the Catastro website: What is the ratea

Change Visa From Non Lucrative To Working Or Other

Is possible provided you meet the requisites. To change from non-lucrative to a residency visa that allows you to work here, you must have resided in Spain for at least one year. You do not have to return to your home country to apply.   Fu

Business Plan For Residency Authorisation Non-eu Self Employed

This website from the Spanish Government offers a ´how to´ when preparing a business plan to accompany your application for residency Authorisation (non EU) on the basis of Self Employment. LINK TO WEBSITE

Ex17 Tie Duplicate Stolen Or Lost

You will need. 1. Passport or travel title or, as the case may be, valid registration card. 2. Three recent photographs, in colour, on a white background, permit size. 3. Payment of the corresponding fee (TASA Modelo 790) EX17 Extranjeria Mod

Extensive List Judicial Translators/interpreters In Spanish Towns And Abroad

List from the Spanish Ministry of the Exterior 2019 Not vetted by CAB Spain so would appreciate your feedback.

Am I A Permanent Resident? Updated Version

We feel it necessary to update our FAQS from three years ago and remove what CAB believes to be erroneous information provided on the European Commission website. We have also advised the EU Commission of what we consider to be an error. CAB ha

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