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Security, Robberies, Police Matters

Police Service For The Attention Of Tourists

Known as SATE (Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero) can now be found in some of the major towns. The police officers or staff who will attend you will be familiar with various non Spanish languages. This will be of great assistance to

Criminal Record Checks For The Uk

Full information on the government link below. Criminal Records Checks

How Do I Apply For A Criminal Record Certificate Uk?

For checks on individuals or third parties, view the websites below: ACRO Criminal Records Office Copy of Police Records

Cctv Cameras In Community Of Properties – Legality

Is it legal to place video vigilance cameras in the communal areas of a Community, to prevent crime and vandalism, for example? First of all, our FAQ with general info on the legality of CCTV camera´s on private property. https://www.citizensad

Should I Denounce A Neighbour?

If you have legal grounds to do so, you may report a neighbour or anyone to the police. Some further information on the link below. Legal Lawyers Reporting Someone

Alert Emergency Services – App Gives Exact Location

There are a numerous Apps that you can download on your phone that will enable emergency services ambulances, fire fighters, police. The will enable these services to locate you exact posiition using GPS coordinates. Especially useful if you liv

Application For Firearms Licence

The application must be made at your nearest Guardia Civil department of ‘Intervencion de Armas’. There are various requisites of which there is a list below. Note that it is not permissible to hold arms in Spain without a licence Most

Differences In The Roles Of The Spanish Police

Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) The remit of the Guardia Civil is to police rural areas and towns generally under 20,000 people. They also police Spain’s highways and are often seen on motorways and other roads doing speed and document checks, en

Beware Of Bogus Gas Men

Please note* In the latter years these fraudsters have set up legal registered companies. They are known to visit your home and carry out unnecessary repairs at astronomical costs. Once you have allowed them to carry out the work, it will be dif

Can I Contact A Criminal Lawyer 24 Hours?

CAB Spain have found a criminal lawyer who offers this service in the Malaga province. We hope to add other regions when available. The emergency lawyer should only be contacted when there is an urgent need for a criminal lawyer. You may find yo