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Security, Robberies, Police Matters

Spain Introduced The Passenger Name Record (pnr) On Friday November 27. 2020

Please note that the PNR came into effect in Spain last Friday November 27. 2020. Extract from the Spanish government website.The Ministry of Home Affairs, through the National Passenger Information Office for air travel (Spanish acronym: ONIP),

How Do I Apply For Dni Or Spanish Passport?

To apply for a number of identification or passport for Spanish Nationals. Cita Previa DNI/Pasaporte

How To Report A Robbery Online

The information provided by the National Police is in Spanish. You can use a computer to translate into your preferred language. After placing the denuncia/report, you must visit the police within 72 hours or the report will be invalidated. &nbs

How To Denounce And The Procedure When You Present A Formal Accusation?

Note* For civil cases the procedure is different. You should instruct a lawyer who will put your case to the relevant court. This only if there is no possible resolution with the person the claim is made against. Who can denounce (accuse)? Anyon

Options To Denounce-in Person/online/telephone/sate-for Tourists

To find the options and which type of reports can be made by any one of the options, visit the link below which includes information in English and French. Denuncia online Service for tourists SATE

Rape And Sexual Assault In Spain - Info For British Nationals

Info from the UK Govt for British nationals, victims of rape or sexual assault.

What Can I Do About Credit/debit Card Fraud?

!. Immediately contact your bank and report the fraud so that the bank can block your card. 2. Report the theft or cloning of the card to the police. 3. Can you recover the monies lost? 4. Positive as the bank has insurance to cover these cases.

Application Of Certificate Of Sexual Offences

Website for Application     Delegations and Sub Delegations

How Do I Report Cyber Crime_internet Crime?

GDT- Grupo de Delitos Telematicos Guardia Civil. TELEMATIC CRIME GROUP GDT) GDT

Police Service For The Attention Of Tourists

Known as SATE (Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero) can now be found in some of the major towns. The police officers or staff who will attend you will be familiar with various non Spanish languages. This will be of great assistance to