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Inheritance Tax Valencia

Info from the Valencian government.   HERE

Social Services - Grants To Adapt Homes For Disabled Or Over 65

The Province of Málaga has issued a ´convocatoria´ to apply for grants to help pay for adaptations to the home of disabled or those over 65 that need them, but cannot afford to have them made. Available to inhabitants of villages up to 20.000

Public Consultation - Do We Need To Change Summertime Hour

Public Consultation. Do we want to change summertime hour? Below are two links one in Spanish and one in English. The online questionnaire is available in all EU Languages What do you think? Summertime change – Spanish Summertime chang

Consular Assistance For Eu Citizens When Outside The Eu

From tomorrow May 1 2018 unrepresented EU citizens are entitled to receive consular protection under the same conditions as the nationals of that country. This is a right set out in Articles 20(2)c and 23 of the EU Treaty and Article 46 of the E

Electronic Id Forms/offices Government Websites - How To Check Validity

Through this Government website you can verify the authenticity and validity of digital certificates, Cl@ve Pin, digital signature and online offices of government websites.   VALIDe

Cross-border Portability Online Content Services

The objective of the portability rules is to broaden access to online content services for travellers in the EU. Residents of EU member states will be able to fully use their online subscriptions to films, sports events, eBooks, video games and

Plan De Vivienda Estatal 2018-2021, Rent And Purchase Subsidies Habitual Homes

First of all, this plan that offers subsidies on rent and purchase of habitual homes has been approved by the state, but as it is a co-finance structure, where all Autonomous Regions (apart from Navarra) have to contribute, the state has to sign

Direct Line Catastral-linea Directa Catastro

For assistance in Spanish and English with any enquiries to do with your catastral, contact the number in the link below. For the cheaper option or no cost depending on phone contract you have, use the 91 number which can be free. The 902 versio

Need To Appeal Government Decision Or Fine? Días Inhábiles 2018

When you are affected by a government decision with regards to property, have applied for something and been denied, or have received a fine and want to appeal, it´s important to check how the window during which you can do so, is expressed. Th

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