COVID-19 Measures Airports - Update 31.7.2020 Different Form For Ferries

Updates 31.7.2020

Update 1.7.2020 with details about the tests.
With regards to the temperature-test, a temperature greater than 37.5 ºC is established as the detection limit. The temperature should be taken with thermometers without contact or by using thermographic cameras.

As regards documentary control, all passengers originating from any airport or port located outside of Spanish territory, must complete a public health form, the content of which is attached as annex I to the publication in the State Gazette. Update 31.7.2020 different forms for passengers travelling by air (Annex I) and sea (Annex II) as published in the State Gazette . For those unable to fill out the form electronically, a printed version should be made available.
The process of completing the form will be done electronically, in such a way that all people who are going to travel to Spain must complete it before starting their trip through the internet address: (you can set the language to English on the website), or through the free App SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH by Aena SME; called SpTH, available for Android and Apple users, but only in Spanish. Note 31.7.2020 Tried to access the App for form to use when travelling by sea, but no choice presented yet.
Once the form is completed, the passenger will obtain a QR code, which must be presented upon arrival in Spain.

You can enter and save the general data as soon as you have your flight details, but you can only fill in the data with regards to the health questions in the window of 48 hrs before your planned flight date.

Travel agents, tour operators etc. should inform travellers about this obligation before they book their flight or boat ticket to Spain.

What do you need to fill out the form correctly?
* A valid email address
* Valid travel document (ID card or passport)
* Flight number
* Arrival date

Update 19.6.2020 As announced by the Health Minister.
Passengers will be subjected to three tests: they will have to fill out a form, their temperature will be taken and their general physical appearance will be monitored visually. If one of the three gives reason for doubt, they will be transferred to a medical professional for further testing upon arrival in Spain.

Measures that will be in force at all AENA Airports.

* Information signs located at different points of the airport facilities (check-in desks, security filters, elevators, information points, gateways to enter aircraft, boarding gates, toilets, etc.).
* Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers.
* Distance marks.
* Messages on digital screens.
* Protective screens and public address messages that inform passengers from time to time, for example, of the need to wear a mask at all times or to maintain personal distance in the different airport facilities.

Since last May 15, all passengers who come from abroad have passed a temperature control that, from July 1, will be automated with thermal imaging cameras due to the increase in traffic at airports.

In addition, the Passenger Location Card (PLC), the record for the location of the passenger that is now completed on the plane and delivered by hand at the temperature control, will be digitized to also contribute to more fluid transit through the airport. Note: see update above, as per 1.7.2020.

The airport manager, Aena, will collaborate with the Foreign Health Ministry in these tasks of sanitary surveillance and control by signing an agreement between both institutions, which establishes the terms of said collaboration.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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