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Social Security - Inss / Caiss

How To Report A Death Of Family Member In Receipt Of Spanish Pension

Information on reporting the death of someone in receipt of a Spanish pension. Contact the social security offices

Maternity Pay

There are two different kinds of paid maternity leave, one based on a minimum period of contributing into the system in Spain, the other non-contributory. To be entitled to either, you need to be working, or in receipt of unemployment benefits.

You May Be Entitled To The Minimo Vital Payment

Information. Simulator to check entitlement and application. Helpline 900 20 22 22 Application online: Information & Application Mínimo Vital Simulator

Minimum Vital Income Faqs

Information from the Social Security in Spanish/Spanish dialects/English/French. INSS

Returning Undue Benefits/pensions Social Security

Information in English/French on returning benefits that may not have been due to you. Social Security

Minimum Vital Income - Modified Conditions 29.9.2020

Several relevant technical clarifications to the original regulation so that applications can be processed quicker. The concept of Coexistence Unit has been modified to incorporate those people who, without kinship or similar ties to each other,

Send Documentation Online To Inss Or Tgss Seguridad Social

Informative article in Spanish about the option to arrange to send documentation to the INSS or the TGSS online, with or without digital certificate or Cl@ve. Note: the option to send without electronic ID has been habilitated during the COVID-c

Seguridad Social - Change Or Add Phone Number Or Email

Through THIS LINK. You need a digital certificate or Cl@ve to access the module.

Ingreso Minimo Vital - Minimum Vital Income Update

Update 14.9.2020 The Ministry of Inclusion works to speed up the procedures for the Minimum Vital Income. With 3 new measures: 1⃣Extension of the retroactive period. Those who request the benefit until December 31 and it is granted, will coll

Banks Accepted For Social Security / Sepe Payments

Link to PDF with list of banks.   With regards to ERTE payments, a possible delay could be a discrepancy in information your employer has supplied, from their own records, and the current situation. E.g. if you had a bank account with Cajam