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Social Security - Inss / Caiss

How To Obtain U1 Form From Uk

If you´ve worked abroad in a EU country and want to transfer any built- up entitlement to unemployment benefits to another EU country, you need to apply for a U1 form from the UK authorities to present to the authorities here in Spain. You can

Change Address And Bank Details Seguridad Social

When you´re  a pensioner in receipt of a Spanish pension and you want to inform the Seguridad Social about a change of address and another bank account, as you´re moving abroad for example, you need to visit them in person, and present the fo

Baby Born In Spain – What To Arrange For

Very short summary. Register the newborn with the Registro Civil in person, or through the Hospital Administration. Options nationality info HERE. Order a Birth Certificate (Literal if needed for passport/residency) Apply for passport * Regis

Special Convenio – To Make Up Pension Years Or Bridge Income Gap

Convenios Especiales are agreements that you can sign up for, thus committing to voluntary payment of the social security contributions (instead of an employer). Why/when: If you find yourself in a situation of unemployment (once your contributi

How To Inform Authorities About Change Of Address Online

Once you have registered on the padrón of your new home town, you can communicate your change of address to a list of authorities, through the electronic office of the Spanish government, all in one go. Included are DGT/Trafico, TGSS, Seguridad

Pension Facts Spain 2018

As of January 1st 2018 the minimum age to receive an Old Age Pension in Spain is 65 years and 6 months. This will increase gradually to 67 years in 2027. You can only still retire with 65 years if you have a work/contributing history of a minimu

How To End Or Modify Data Autonomo/self Employed Registration

Any variation in your personal data with regards to your registration as Autonomo / Self Employed needs to be communicated with the Seguridad Social soonest. You need to use form TA0521 for this. Download Form TA0521 And the Additional Clause 

Do I Need To Communicate A Death To Seguridad Social?

Yes, you do, if the deceased was a resident in Spain and registered for health care and/or in receipt of any pension or benefits. You need to present the death certificate at the INSS / CAISS office conveniently close to your location. By law, a

Twins Or Triplets? Right To Extra Maternity Leave And One-off Payment

When you are working on a contract and pregnant with twins or triplets, you are entitled to 2 weeks extra maternity leave, so 18 instead of 16. For triplets, total of 20 weeks. And if the twins or triplets are born prematurely or for whatever ot

How To Make A Cita Previa/appointment With Inss/seguridad Social

Please click THIS LINK for access to the service if you don´t have a digital certificate installed on your computer.  Please note that you need to enter your NIE number when making the appointment and that you´ll also need to confirm once you

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