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Fines & Embargoes

Must I Pay Utility Debt Left By Previous Owners?

For a full explanation including debts that the new owners are liable for. Which Debts Will Remain on the Property?

Is There An Inss (social Security) Website In English?

For extensive information in English on all matters relating to social security, visit the INSS website.   INSS  

How Can I Check If There Are Any Outstanding Fines In My Name?

With or without a digital certificate installed on your computer, you can consult the official TESTRA noticeboard for any fines agains your name, your NIE or your vehicle licence plate.   LINK TO TESTRA

Can I Be Fined For Not Applying For Residency Status?

Visiting in Spain for up to three months does not have any residency requirements. Before the ninety days are up, those who wish to reside should apply for residency status. The exception to the 3 months rule is for jobseekers actively seeking w

Guardia Road Check – Possible Fines If Not All Paperwork In Order

Driving licence – not being able to present it warrants a fine of 10 euros. Presenting it, but with an expired address – a fine of 80 euros. Driving with an expired driving licence – 200 euros. Driving with a foreign driving li

How Do I Pay A Traffic Fine Online?

The ticket should give you some directions. You can also pay a fine online. Visit this LINK to complete the form. This second LINK will provide details on ‘how to’ in English. If the system does not accept your document number, try a

Can I Pay A Traffic Fine In Installments?

You can apply for ´pago a plazos´ or ´pago fraccionado´ with the authorities that issued the fine, you must do so within the voluntary payment period. You will not be entitled to the 50% discount-option. You would need to present supporting

Ways To Pay A Traffic Fine

Through the DGT website, with or without Digital Certificate, or at Post Offices, by calling 060 or visiting any office of Banco Santander. Remember that you can only do so within the ´periodo voluntario´that is mentioned on the fine. Outside

How Do I Appeal A Traffic Fine?

Information document on this subject in the Library, Fines & Embargoes section. Or click link below for direct access. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/HOW-TO-APPEAL-A-TRAFFIC-FINE.pdf  

How To Check If My Town Hall Publishes Fines On Testra?

Town Halls and Provincial Diputations that have the competence to issue and process trafic sanctions have until the 25th of May 2016 to incorporate into the TESTRA system of Trafico, the electronic notice board where all fines that could not be