Fines & Embargoes

On Minimum Wage Or Pension? How To Respond To Bank Embargoes

The Law of “Civil Procedure” does not permit that funds are taken in the form of embargoes from your bank if you are on the minimum pension or wage. The information for minimum wages (SMI) HERE For those receiving 14 payments annuall

Do Traffic Fines Prescribe?

To answer that question correctly, we must differentiate between the notification of a traffic offence, and the actual demand for payment of the sanction issued as a result of that offence. The notification of a traffic offence must be sent with

Embargo By Tax Agency – How To Check For More Info

You´ll need a digital certificate or Cl@ve Pin for access to the data re embargoes (attachments is what the Hacienda website calls them). LINK   You can also check under ´mis notificaciones´ on this section of the Agencia Tributario webs

Must I Pay Utility/other Debt Left By Previous Owners?

For a full explanation including debts that the new owners are liable for. Which Debts Will Remain on the Property?

Is There An Inss (social Security) Website In English?

For extensive information in English on all matters relating to social security, visit the INSS website.   INSS  

How Can I Check If There Are Any Outstanding Fines In My Name?

With or without a digital certificate installed on your computer, you can consult the official TESTRA noticeboard for any fines against your name, your NIE or your vehicle licence plate.   LINK TO TESTRA   Info from DGT Trafico about n

Can I Be Fined For Not Applying For Residency Status?

Visiting in Spain for up to three months does not have any residency requirements. Before the ninety days are up, those who wish to reside should apply for residency status. The exception to the 3 months rule is for jobseekers actively seeking w

Guardia Road Check – Possible Fines If Not All Paperwork In Order

Driving licence – not being able to present it warrants a fine of 10 euros. Presenting it, but with an expired address – a fine of 80 euros. Driving with an expired driving licence – 200 euros. Driving with a foreign driving li

How Do I Pay A Traffic Fine Online?

The ticket should give you some directions. You can also pay a fine online. Visit this LINK to complete the form. This second LINK will provide details on ‘how to’ in English. If the system does not accept your document number, try a
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