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Validity Eu Licences In Uk Post Brexit

Info from the UK Government, dated 1.2.2019 EU drivers visiting or living in the UK after EU Exit From 29 March 2019, in the event that there is no EU Exit deal, arrangements for EU licence holders who are visiting or living in the UK WI

Itv Letters To Be Substituted By Email Or Sms Andalucia

Gradually the Andalucia Administration will substitute the letters they send out, advising you of approaching ITV renewal for your vehicle, by emails or SMS messages. They started with the implementation of this new telematic system in the final

Prices Used Vehicles And Motor Boats For Tax And Transfers 2019

As published in the State Bulletin BOE, valid for use in 2019. It´s a 800 page pdf file, so make sure your device can handle the download! VEHICLE LIST In Article 5 the special calculation for first matriculation of second hand vehicles, previo

Maximum Speed From 100 To 90 And From 40 To 30

Published in the State Bulletin yesterday, December 29th and coming into force on the 29th of January 2019, a Royal Decree with an amendment to the General Circulation Reglament, to try and meet the goals outlined in the Security Strategy 2011-2

Electric Vehicles Must Make Noise

According to a European Reglament from 2017, vehicles that can be impulsed by an electric motor, so scooters, motorcycles and hybrids as well, under 4,5 ton weight that come on the market as of July 2019 must be equipped with a ´noise making de

Tyres And Their Contamination Factor

Since 2012 there has been a qualification in place for tires, ranging from A to G. A for least rolling resistance, so least contaminating, and G for highest rolling resistance, most contaminating. Contamination related to fuel consumption. In 20

Do Traffic Fines Prescribe?

To answer that question correctly, we must differentiate between the notification of a traffic offence, and the actual demand for payment of the sanction issued as a result of that offence. The notification of a traffic offence must be sent with

Cross Border Road Safety - Data Exchange Vehicles / Drivers

Since May 2017 a cross border safety regulation is in place, that obliges the traffic organisations in the EU countries to provide information re traffic offences committed by foreign plated vehicles in another EU country. So a speeding ticket f

Uk-using Foreign Number Plates For Longer Than Six Months

Information from the UK Government site. Using Foreign Number Plates for Longer Than 6 Months

Northern Ireland Irish Driving Licence Paper Counterpart

Full information from the Irish government site below as not the same rules as the other parts of the UK. Keeping Driving Licence up to date.

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