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On The Road

Importing My Non Spanish Plated Vehicle?

Those taking up residency, holiday home owners or with business in Spain can import their vehicle into Spain and are only exempt from import duty if taking up residency. It will be considered that you are importing vehicle as your personal goods

Traffic Rules A Collection

Little known Traffic Rules

Can I Regain Categories Lost When Changing Driving Licence To Spanish Version?

Yes you can. You would have to order a Certificate of Entitlement from the DVLA. The certificate will have a list of all the categories you originally had. Then go to Trafico in your area, explain the situation and ask them to rectify. You will

Children And Road Sense

Booklet but only in Spanish are the regulations and information for teaching road sense to children. This includes information for cyclists. The general law for cyclists including children or adults riding on the pavement. It is not permissible

Sold Car But Received Road Tax (ivtm) Bill

When selling your vehicle say mid year. The full year road tax is payable by the title holder on January 1. Arrangements can be made with the purchaser to split the tax.

Cpc Certificate Of Professional Competence – Eu Recognition?

Well, it´s a bit confusing. What the EU calls CPC in their Directive from 2003, transposed into Spanish law in 2007, is called CAP by the Spanish Fomento Ministry. Their info on recognition of the CPC certificate HERE You can arrange for the re

Uk Driving Licences And Strokes- Should I Report?

For those who still have a UK driving licence and have had a stroke. Full information on the UK Govenrment site below. Reporting a Stroke

Contact Details Traffic Offices

The official main DGT website doesn´t offer any contact details for the individual offices, but this semi-official one does. Telephone, fax and email. Just scroll down to the office in your area. WEBSITE CONTACT DETAILS

Is The Use Of Dashcams Legal?

To be clear, it´s not a traffic offence as according to Traffic Law they are legal to use as long as they do not obstruct the driver´s view of the road, but it could be an offence under the data protection act, and if the camera makes unauthor

How To Pay/print Ivtm/road Tax Or Ibi Invoices

Depending on your area/town, the invoices for IVTM / Road tax and/or IBI (council property tax) will be issued by either your town hall, the Suma office (Valencia area) or another incasso agency like the Patronato de Recaudación Provincial (And