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On The Road

Tyres And Their Contamination Factor

Since 2012 there has been a qualification in place for tires, ranging from A to G. A for least rolling resistance, so least contaminating, and G for highest rolling resistance, most contaminating. Contamination related to fuel consumption. In 20

Do Traffic Fines Prescribe?

To answer that question correctly, we must differentiate between the notification of a traffic offence, and the actual demand for payment of the sanction issued as a result of that offence. The notification of a traffic offence must be sent with

Cross Border Road Safety - Data Exchange Vehicles / Drivers

Since May 2017 a cross border safety regulation is in place, that obliges the traffic organisations in the EU countries to provide information re traffic offences committed by foreign plated vehicles in another EU country. So a speeding ticket f

Uk-using Foreign Number Plates For Longer Than Six Months

Information from the UK Government site. Using Foreign Number Plates for Longer Than 6 Months

Northern Ireland Irish Driving Licence Paper Counterpart

Full information from the Irish government site below as not the same rules as the other parts of the UK. Keeping Driving Licence up to date.

Driving A Company Car Abroad

Information provided by your Europe. Company Cars

Eco Sticker Vehicles - Distintivo Ambiental

DGT Trafico has started sending out ´Eco stickers´ to owners of all vehicles that fall into one of the 4 categories that have been established, based on their contaminating impact on the environment. Which vehicles will not qualify? All contam

Road Sign Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

App designed for expats in Spain to familiarise yourself with the roadsigns used in Spain. Useful and entertaining! App is called ´Spanglish´. For Android phones link HERE and for iOS phones link HERE

New-vehicles/cars/vans Emergency “e-call” System

New Emergency “E-call” system is to become mandatory in the EU on all New cars and vans from April 2018. For further information on this and the option of having this on motorbikes. Please read the link below: Photograph courtesy of the DGT

Foreign Flagged/registered Boats & Yachts & Skipper´s Licence – Faqs

Residents need to formally import their boats and pay Impuesto Especial sobre Determinados Medios de Transporte, known as Impuesto de Matriculación if their vessel meets the requisites.. The tax amounts to 12% of the value of the vessel. Year

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