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On The Road

Very Common Prescription Meds That Can Affect Your Capacity To Drive

Some of these you can also buy over the counter. There is no ´labelling´ law in Spain for prescription meds you get from the ´farmacia´, like there is for example in Holland, where the dosage as prescribed by the medical professional, plus a

Foreign Student – Driving Licence

As a foreign student without residency: If you move abroad to go to college or university, your place of normal residence doesn’t change. But you can still apply for a driving licence in the EU country if you can prove you have been study

Vehicles 25 Years Or Older – Exemption ´road Tax´

Once your vehicle is at least 25 years old, you can apply for exemption of ´road tax´ Impuesto de Vehículos de Traccion Mecánica / IVTM. It´s irrelevant whether the vehicle has been put on special historic plates or is on regular Spanish pl

How To Check Points Driving Licence

Valid for all those with Spanish driving licences or foreign licences that have been registered at Trafico in the Registro de Conductores and now have got the NIE number of the owner printed on them. I tried it, it works perfectly when you use a

Tachograph Card – How To Obtain A Spanish One?

There are different kinds of ´tarjetas tacógrafos´ in Spain. For drivers, for businesses and for learning centres. They need to be applied for at the office of ´Servicio de Transporte´ of your province, or you can, with a digital certificat

Low Emission Zones European Cities – Travel Info France

Around 200 cities in 12 European countries have established Low Emission Zones, where depending on the Emission Standard of your vehicle, you can be denied access on certain days/times. More info on how to ascertain the emission qualification of

Itv/mot Faqs

This is a computer translation from the Spanish version. For the Spanish language version go to the website link below. We thank Veisa for this information. When should we take vehicle for ITV. The periodicity with which a vehicle must pass the

How To Inform Authorities About Change Of Address Online

Once you have registered on the padrón of your new home town, you can communicate your change of address to a list of authorities, through the electronic office of the Spanish government, all in one go. Included are DGT/Trafico, TGSS, Seguridad

Winter Weather Road Info Dgt/trafico

Please click this link for detailed info re state of roads with limited (only chains e.g.) access or no access due to winter weather circumstances. DGT/TRAFICO winter weather info

Electric Bikes – Differences And The Law

Electrical bikes (or Extra Light Vehicles – under 40 kg) can be divided in 2 categories. E-bikes are bikes with a motor in the front or rear wheel that can cause the bike to move without the rider using the pedals. Pedelecs are bikes with