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On The Road

Driving A Company Car Abroad

Information provided by your Europe. Company Cars

Eco Sticker Vehicles - Distintivo Ambiental

DGT Trafico has started sending out ´Eco stickers´ to owners of all vehicles that fall into one of the 4 categories that have been established, based on their contaminating impact on the environment. Which vehicles will not qualify? All contam

Road Sign Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

App designed for expats in Spain to familiarise yourself with the roadsigns used in Spain. Useful and entertaining! App is called ´Spanglish´. For Android phones link HERE and for iOS phones link HERE

New-vehicles/cars/vans Emergency “e-call” System

New Emergency “E-call” system is to become mandatory in the EU on all New cars and vans from April 2018. For further information on this and the option of having this on motorbikes. Please read the link below: Photograph courtesy of the DGT

Foreign Flagged/registered Boats & Yachts & Skipper´s Licence – Faqs

Residents need to formally import their boats and pay Impuesto Especial sobre Determinados Medios de Transporte, known as Impuesto de Matriculación if their vessel meets the requisites.. The tax amounts to 12% of the value of the vessel. Year

Permitted Levels And Fines Alcohol And Driving

The authorities in Spain state zero tolerance of alcohol or drugs in the blood. Information in Spanish with Chart

Change Foreign Driving Licence To Spanish – Why, When And How

Why? When the licence needs renewal (either about to expire or already expired): To comply with legislation that mandates that you should only renew you driving licence in your country of residence. So if you reside in Spain, you renew in Spain.

How Can I Change My Eu Driving Licence For Spanish Permit?

There are basically three options: 1. Use the traffic centres. Trafico DGT link below with Information in English, French and German: DGT 2. Use a ‘Gestor De Automoviles’ rather than a gestor. 3. Use a medical centre who will rene

Alta After Temporary Baja Vehicle

Info on the DGT website. You´ll need to present certificate that the vehicle passed ITV-test and make an appointment at Trafico first. You will need to pay a small fee, online or at Trafico with a card, no cash accepted. LINK TO INFO SHEET IN E

Pick Ups, Lorry Or Car As Per Spanish Regulations?

A new ´Instrucción´ from the DGT/Trafico explains that until now Pick Ups were considered to be Lorries, but as of this month they will be included in the Reglamento de Vehiculos as a separate category, thus following the European Directive f