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New Drivers Regulation - Preview Novelties

From the online DGT Magazine, published 10.9.2020. The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) plans to approve the modification of the General Drivers Regulation that will mean the transposition of Directive 2006/16 of the European Union into Span

Covid-19 Extended Validity Itv Expiration Date 21.6.2020 Till 31.8.2020

From the State Gazette of today. Extension of the validity of the periodic technical inspection certificate of vehicles. The period of validity of the periodic technical inspection certificates of the vehicles whose next inspection date was betw

Plan Renove 2020 - Discounts On Purchase New And Pre-owned Cars

As announced in the State Gazette on the 6th of July 2020. The subsidies will be used for direct acquisition or acquisition through financing operations by financial leasing or renting lease (also called operational leasing) of a new vehicle, wh

Is There Still Time To Get New Residency Document And Exchange Driving Licence Before 31.12.2020

With the recently announced new procedure for first time residents, so those that do not have a green EU residency certificate as proof of their registration on the Registro de Extranjeros de la Unión, it will become increasingly uncertain if U

Taking My Uk Vehicle To Spain?

  Who you should notify in the UK   Do I Need to Advise DVLA of Change of Address in Spain?

Plan Moves Ii

Plan MOVES II, the program of incentives for efficient and sustainable mobility. The funds will be distributed among the Autonomous Regions and they will announce when the subsidies can be applied for. Strict first come first get system so keep

650 Million For The Automotive Sector - Plan Moves Ii

From the Moncloa website. The Government has approved allocating 650 million euros to the automotive sector, of which 100 million euros will be for the MOVES II Program of incentives for sustainable mobility, 500 million for an ICO line of guara

Covid-19 And Ico Loans For Autonomos And Pymes

As approved in the Consejo de Ministros yesterday and published on the Moncloa website today. Fifth section of the line of ICO guarantees to Autononomos and businesses The Government has activated the fifth and last tranche of the ICO Line of Gu
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