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No More Sun Tax And Bono Social Amplified

Article from our website.   HERE

What Is The Electricity Smart Meter?

Here is some information from one of the electricity suppliers in English Spanish and Catalan language. Smart Meters

How Do I Change Title Holder Of Utilities Contract?

Once you are the new title holder of utilities either as owner or tenant, you can change the contract into your name.  Details below from: Endesa Iberdrola

Complaints Iberdrola

The first step would be to contact Iberdrola via the complaints site below. Drop down menu for English. Customer Arbitration System If you do not receive satisfaction, the suggest that you contact your regional Arbitration Board. To find this

Reduction In Water Charges Alicante

Fondo Social. For full information visit the website below. You can also enquire if you are enttiled to the reduction by visiting the company, town hall or social services. Aguas de Alicante

Reduction In Water Costs Torremolinos

The City of Torremolinos applies reduced rates to pensioners, people with low incomes and people in unemployment. Full information found in the Spanish website or visit your town hall, water company or social services for assistance with the app

Reduction In Water Costs Barcelona.

For full information on the three tariffs and who is entitled to these. Visit the water companies website. Aguas de Barcelaona

Can I Check The Quality Of The Drinking Water In My Area?

Yes you can. You can click on the link and go to “Information of Supply” and follow instructions. Translation of the windows to click on. 1. Información de un Abastecimiento 2. Province 3. Municipality 4. Location/Neighbourhood.

Palma De Mallorca – Citizens Information

This is a very useful website with contact details and info on all government bodies, including form for complaints about local council services, Consumer Office, Ombudsman, How to make an appointment at townhall, etc. LINK to Palma website

Energy Supplies-customer Ombudsman

If you need to take matters further than an Endesa Office, would suggest firstly that an official complaint is made to them. If the matter remains unresolved then you could contact their Ombudsman. Please Note: They are not independent. We would

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