What Are The Electricity Time Bands?

Here is the information on the different hours in time bands in relation to the cost. Time Bands

Maternity Pay

There are two different kinds of paid maternity leave, one based on a minimum period of contributing into the system in Spain, the other non-contributory. To be entitled to either, you need to be working, or in receipt of unemployment benefits.

Extended Leave To Care For Your Newborn?

Child Care Leave: A Practical Guide After the great reception of the article of reduction of working hours for legal guardianship, we present a new article that complements it, the figure of leave for childcare. As always, the usual question and

You May Be Entitled To The Minimo Vital Payment

Information. Simulator to check entitlement and application. Helpline 900 20 22 22 Application online: Information & Application Mínimo Vital Simulator

Minimum Vital Income - Modified Conditions 29.9.2020

Several relevant technical clarifications to the original regulation so that applications can be processed quicker. The concept of Coexistence Unit has been modified to incorporate those people who, without kinship or similar ties to each other,

Large Families Assistance/benefits/discounts Available

There is an association for large families, registered as Familia Numerosa, and their website explains all about possible assistance, benefits or discounts available.   LINK TO THEIR WEBSITE. For info on how to register as Familia Numerosa

Beaches In Spain Guide - Guia De Playas App

The government has developed an App where you can bring up information about the beaches in Spain, varying from the kind of sand you will find there, services available, where the nearest hospital is, the weather forecast and exact location with

Single Parent Family Title / Titulo Familia Monoparental Catalunya

Info on how to apply on the website of the Generalitat. Link HERE   For Alicante/Valencia HERE

Update On The Renewal Of Spanish Passports And Dni

Please note the link below which will provide full information. There is a link for making an appointment. Renewal Passport/DNI
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