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Do My Non Eu Family Members Need A Visa When Travelling?

Here is the information from Your Europe. Visa Requirements Travelling With Non EU Family

What Is The Clause That Should Be Added To Our Wills?

Since August of 2015 the European Regulations on Succession became law in Spain having come into force in 2012. The regulations contain around 84 articles (version below) the ones that interest the non Spanish community are the articles stating

Getting Married / Divorced At Notary – Possible In Spain?

Please read the info provided in this article from our website. LINK TO ARTICLE

Parents Joining You? Why They Should Register On The Padron On Arrival

All citizens who arrive in Spain intending to reside, should within 90 days apply for a registration certificate. To apply one of the requisites is the registration on the town halls register ‘the padron’ (Census). For those whose pa

Register Newborn For Healthcare Online

If you are paying into the system, either as employee or autonomo/self employed, or through an invoicing cooperative, and have a digital certificate installed on your computer, or have arranged for a Cl@ve Permanente through the INSS or the Tax

Pediatrician – At What Age Can Child Swap To Regular Gp

According to the website of the Andalucian Health Service, for children up to 7 years parents can select a pediatrician of their choice, for children between 7 and 14 they can choose for either a pediatricion or a regular GP in their region and

Children And Road Sense

Booklet but only in Spanish are the regulations and information for teaching road sense to children. This includes information for cyclists. The general law for cyclists including children or adults riding on the pavement. It is not permissible

Baby Born In Spain – What To Arrange For

Very short summary. Register the newborn with the Registro Civil in person, or through the Hospital Administration. Options nationality info HERE. Order a Birth Certificate (Literal if needed for passport/residency) Apply for passport * Regis

Returning To The Uk/habitual Residency Test?

If you are planning to return to the UK. Do I have to complete a HRT UK Government page CAB UK information

Applying For School ´comedor´ Or Pre/post School Services – Novelty 2017

In addition to the information provided in this FAQ from our website, for 2017 schools will not only ask for a ´certificado de empresa´ but a ´vida laboral´ as well, for both parents/legal guardians to prove their working hours conflict with