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Paternity Leave Faqs

Info from the Seguridad Social, in English.   HERE

1.000 Euros Cheque Guardería / Nursery Cheque

For those already able to claim the 1.200 IRPF reduction if the mother is working and has a child under the age of 3, an additional ´cheque´ of 1.000 euros to cover expenses if the child goes to an authorised nursery or child education centre.

British Citizen Born In Spain, Will My Child Have The Automatic Right To British Citizenship?

As British Citizens born in Spain will have acquired their right to citizenship from their parents born in the UK, are British Citizens by descent. This means that their children (grandchildren to the full British citizen) will not automatically

Residence Rights Of A Child Not Born In Spain Of Non Eu Parents

Full information from the article on the link below: Child not Born in Spain Residency

Residence Rights Of A Child Born In Spain To Non Eu Parents?

Full information found on link below: Residency non EU Children

Who Do I Notify In Uk When Moving Or Retiring To Spain?

Please read the instructions on the link below: Leaving the UK Tax Leaving the UK

Is There Information For British Citizens In Spanish Jails?

Below is a link to a prisoners and families pack from the British Consulate-General, Madrid.   information Pack for British Citizens in Spanish Jails   For a lawyer contact: info@citizensadvice.org.es

Benefits For Carers And People With Disabilities - Uk

Information from the UK government, including Attendance Allowance.   HERE   Note:The EU court ruling which meant Attendance Allowance can be paid in other EU countries has a cavaet. This is that AA cannot be paid if the individual get

Leaving Uk To Move Or Retire Abroad

Information UK Government

One Partner Spanish-how To Register A Marriage Celebrated Abroad?

When at least one of the partners is Spanish. All the information can be found on the Spanish government website below: Registering a Marriage Celebrated aboard 

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