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Inheritance Tax Murcia 2018

As of January 1st 2018, in Murcia, like in Andalucia, allowances up to 99% with regards to Inheritance Tax, if the one inheriting person is either parent, child or spouse of the deceased. Thus stated in the Law that approves the General Budget f

How To Change Your Name On Uk Passport After Marriage

Full information below: UK Government Website

Should I Report My New Marital Status To The Authorities?

Yes both EU and non EU citizens should report changes in circumstances to the foreigners office at your station of the ‘Policia Nacional’. Below is the literal translation taken from the Spanish Royal Decree. Change of circumstance EU citize

Not Married But Have Assets In Spain?

Then please read the following info file from our Library. NOT MARRIED BUT HAVE ASSSETS IN SPAIN

Cancelling A Uk Passport When Owner Has Died

The link below provides a form with instructions and a form to cancel a passport. Cancelling a Passport

How To Renew Italian Passport From Spain

Link to website Italian Embassy HERE You will either have to go Madrid or Barcelona, depending on the autonomous region you live in. If you are registered on AIRE, you can apply at one of the other consulates in Spain, nearer to you, but would s

Disablement Benefits Republic Of Ireland

Info on what kind of benefits available, exportable to other EU countries etc. through THIS LINK

Do My Non Eu Family Members Need A Visa When Travelling?

Information on the holders of an Article 10 card and non visa requirements. UK Government Website Here is the information from Your Europe but it is contradictory to the UK Governments instructions above. Visa Requirements Travelling With N

What Is The Clause That Should Be Added To Our Wills?

Since August of 2015 the European Regulations on Succession became law in Spain having come into force in 2012. The regulations contain around 84 articles (version below) the ones that interest the non Spanish community are the articles stating

Getting Married / Divorced At Notary – Possible In Spain?

Please read the info provided in this article from our website. LINK TO ARTICLE