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Coronavirus - State Museums Offer Free Online Educational Activities

These online activities range from reading, storytelling, cut-outs for painting and colouring, recipes, videos, 3D pieces, audioguides for children to visit parts of the museums, games and video games. A whole host of ideas aimed at a younger au

Coronavirus - Tv Education Programme 'aprendemos En Casa'/learning From Home

RTVE and ClanTV in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, will offer 5 hours of educational TV daily. The project will start this Monday, March 23, and the contents have been adapted to all ages of compulsory schooling, from 6 to 16 years

Coronavirus - 'selectividad' Exams And Other Education Issues

Update 25.3.2020 ‘Selectividad’ exams will be between 22/6 and 10/7.  2nd call before 10/9. Evaluation tests in Primaria 3 and 6 and ESO 4 have been cancelled. Website with educational material to use at home. The Ministry of Educat

State Of Alarm And Registrations Schools Due This Month

The month of March is the month to reserve a place for your child at a school when he or she will attending for the first time. Info for Andalucia. If you’re from another region, no doubt there will be similar measures in place. You could

Guide For Becarios - Everything About (work) Practice With Businesses

The worker’s union CCOO has just published the latest edition of their guide for those that are in receipt of a ‘beca’ and are doing their ‘practica’ with businesses. Often their first encounter with the labour mark

Children With Special Needs In Public Schools

Public schools are given the means to cater for special needs children, depending on the demand at a specific school. It’s essential to provide full information with regards to any special needs of your child, when you first register them,

Summer School Subsidies Andalucia

The Andalucian Government has started a programme to try and limit the amount of students that leave school prematurely, due to repeated bad results and resulting demotivation, by offering summer courses to upgrade students’  levels. R

How To Find A School In Your Area

Government website with a register of all non-university education centres in Spain, arranged by Autonomous Region. Just click your region for access, then the relevant province. On the next screen you will have to select the kind or level of ed

Convivencia Escolar / Good Behaviour At Schools

Schools in all regions of Spain organise events throughout the year, on the subjects of bullying, (gender) discrimination, peace in the world, gender violence, child abuse. To create awareness with the aim to prevent. And offer meetings, present

Education - Post Obligatory Courses Valencia

Info on matriculation windows, requisites etc. to register your child for education courses post ESO, so when they are of an age that schooling is no longer obligatory by law. Formación Profesional Básica, Gradio Medio, Superior. LINK TO INFO
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