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Certificates And Forms

Cita Previa Extranjería App – Nie, Residency & Certificates

For all ´tramites´ to do with NIE and Residency you can download this App from the Spanish Ministry to make an appointment / cita previa with the national police office in your area. Only available for Android users at the moment. DOWNLOAD HER

How Do I Apply For A Criminal Record Certificate Uk?

For checks on individuals or third parties, view the websites below: ACRO Criminal Records Office Copy of Police Records

Foreign Flagged/registered Boats & Yachts & Skipper´s Licence – Faqs

Residents need to formally import their boats and pay Impuesto Especial sobre Determinados Medios de Transporte, known as Impuesto de Matriculación if their vessel meets the requisites.. The tax amounts to 12% of the value of the vessel. Year

How To Change Address/circumstances On Residency Certificate

You can download the EX18 found by searching with the keywords or use the form below. Remember to tick the relevant box under “Modificaciön”. MODIFICACIÓN □ De datos personales Change to personal data □ Por cambio de d

Cpc Certificate Of Professional Competence – Eu Recognition?

Well, it´s a bit confusing. What the EU calls CPC in their Directive from 2003, transposed into Spanish law in 2007, is called CAP by the Spanish Fomento Ministry. Their info on recognition of the CPC certificate HERE You can arrange for the re

Uk Legislation Letter For The Convenio Especial Healthcare?

The convenio especial provided by some autonomous regions where those residents who have no way to access the Spanish healthcare system private or public, can pay into the NHS and avail of healthcare. Some regional governments are asking for th

Spanish Embassies And Consulates Worldwide

Check with your consulate to see what services they offer such a NIE and other certificates. Spanish Consulates Worldwide

Do I Need A Padron Certificate To Purchase A Vehicle?

This is a question that continually crops up on our FB group page. Owning to misinformation from personnel at many vehicle dealerships.  Nonresidents should not be registered on the padron (unless habitual residents of a town in Spain). Non res

Holiday Rentals Andalucia – Official Complaints Form Spanish/english

Conveniently drafted in both Spanish and English you can find the official Junta complaints form HERE

What Is The S1 Form And How Do I Use It?

The S1 is a form was previously the E121. All those who are in receipt of a UK state retirement pension and wish to live in in Spain, should contact the UK Healthcare Team on +44 191 218 1999. Once you have this form and if you are a resident, r