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Certificates And Forms

Homologation Eu Professional Diplomas / Recognition Non-university Studies

Completed your studies in another EU country and wish to work in Spain in a regulated profession that requires certificate of succesfully completed studies? Then you need to get your diploma/certificate homologated for a Spanish equivalent throu

Modelo 030 To Register With Agencia Tributaria

Modelo 030 is the form you use to register as fiscal resident with the Tax Office, or communicate any changes in your personal data or to indicate an address for notifications, if you wish to receive them on another than your fiscal address. You

Health Card. Download A Provisional

Through this service you can obtain, print and/or consult online a provisional duplicate of your Social Security affiliation document. Duplicate Document

Compulsada Copies Of Original Documents

The alternative to carrying originals of documents is to take the originals to a Notary and obtain a Notary-produced “Copia Compulsada” of each of them. This MUST be done by a Notary on their own special numbered paper, then signed,

Low Emission Zones European Cities – Travel Info France

Around 200 cities in 12 European countries have established Low Emission Zones, where depending on the Emission Standard of your vehicle, you can be denied access on certain days/times. More info on how to ascertain the emission qualification of

Forms All Government Ex Forms Eu And Non Eu

The forms can all be downloaded from link below. Two options to download.   EX Forms   Note: EX15 is for anything to do with NIE: original application, application for duplicate certificate etc. Available in English and French (for ori

Nie Application Spanish Consulate Belgium

To find any other Consulates who process a NIE, please google NIE Consulado Español and your town. Belgium Brussels

Nie Application Spanish Consulate France

To find any other Consulates who process a NIE, please google NIE Consulado Español and your town. France Paris

Nie Application Spanish Consulate Hamburg Germany

Please enter the link below. Instructions on how to fill in the form in German on this website. Germany