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Certificates And Forms

Worked In Spain - Transfer Unemployment Entitlement To Another Eu Country - U1 Form

If you’ve worked in Spain and want to take info re your contribution years with you, for purposes of applying for unemployment benefits in another EU country, then you need to apply for the portable document U1, with the Dirección Provinc

Fbi Criminal Records Check

Information from the US Embassy. HERE

One Partner Spanish-how To Register A Marriage Celebrated Abroad?

When at least one of the partners is Spanish. All the information can be found on the Spanish government website below: Registering a Marriage Celebrated aboard 

What Are The New Consular Fees For 2018?

Below is the fee chart for services provided by the British Consulates. Consular Fees 2018

Customs Spain When Importing Goods

Info from Correos about ´tramites´ to carry out. Site indicates an English version, but unfortunately just the headlines appear to have been translated.   Aduanas   You need to register on the website to carry out transactions online

Digital Certificate - Where To Go To Verify Identity When Abroad?

Information from the FNMT website   HERE

Certificate Of Foreign Marriage Recognition, Uk/non Eu

If your marriage took place in a country other than Spain or the UK and your spouse is a non EU national, you may need to apply for the certificate of foreign marriage recognition. Please read the link below, includes the application pack: Certi

How To Apply For Cl@ve Pin?

The information in English on the government website. Clave Pin

Certificate Of Sexual Offences

Necessary if you work with minors.   All info on how to apply, online with Digital Certificate or Cl@ve or without.   HERE

Complaints Form Procedure Valencia Area

Information on how to file complaint and downloadable pdf in case the business doesn´t have or doesn´t want to give a complaints form to you when requested.   LINK HERE LINK TO SUBSTITUTE FORM/TEMPLATE Procedure online, with digital certi

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