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Certificates And Forms

Register Your S1 Online?

Register your S1 online. Also if necessary, you can apply for a temporary certificate from the UK. Update August 2.2021. The government has updated it system for registering the S1 online: Website Register Online

Which Are The Non Business Days For 2021 (dias Inhabiles)?

In reference to official letter when you must response or appeal within a certain time period. The letters should state “dias habiles” which are working days therefore not counting the non working days, “dias inhabiles”.

How To Change Address/circumstances On Tie?

You can carry out this procedure online or at the foreigners office of the Policia Nacional. Take an updated padron certificate with new address. Passport and copies. tasa and the form below:   Online. Link to electronic office

Not Able To Register Your S1? Apply For The Prc

There has been difficulty in obtaining appointments to register the S1 with the INSS. There is an online procedure for submitting documents. The link is below. Register S1 Online Applications can be made to the Overseas Healthcare Team for a Pro

Can You Have More Than One Digital Signature On A Computer?

The answer below is from the Agencia Tributaria (tax office). You can have multiple certificates installed on your computer, as long as they are from different authorised persons or issued by different entities. It is recommended that you do not

S1 Holders Can Apply For The New Ehic

Some people will be able to get a new UK-issued EHIC which will remain valid from 1 January 2021.   Full Information For Visitors: UK Nationals Visiting Spain to be Covered for Healthcare- GHIC

Which Boxes To Tick On Form Ex-23 For Tie For Ukns

The Form EX23, to be used by UK Nationals and their non-EU family members to obtain the special TIE that accredits their status as residents under the Withdrawal Agreement. Options on the form. 4.1 TIPO DE DOCUMENTO □ TARJETA INICIAL □ RENOV

Movement In Or Through France? Info British Embassy Paris

Update 20.20 hrs. The British Government advises against all non-essential travel, worldwide. To start today, valid for 30 days. Movement in or through France? You’ll need an “attestation” for that… BRITISH EMBASSY PARIS·TUESDAY, 17 MAR

Update Residency Certificate Barcelona - Member's Experience

Permanent residency –Oficina Extranjería Rambla de Guipúscoa, 74 (Next to metro Sant Martí on the Purple line) You don’t need an appointment if you already have a NIE and reside in Barcelona, just ask for a ticket B at the desk (If there

Last Will And Testament Certificate - How To Apply

In Spanish: Certificado Del Registro General de Actos de Ultima Voluntad. What is it? The last will certificate is the document that certifies whether a person has made a will/s and, if so, before which Notary/ies. In this way the heirs can con