Certificates And Forms

Which Boxes To Tick On Form Ex-23 For Special Tie

The Form EX23, to be used by UK Nationals and their non-EU family members to obtain the special TIE that accredits their status as residents under the Withdrawal Agreement. Options on the form. 4.1 TIPO DE DOCUMENTO □ TARJETA INICIAL □ RENOV

Responsible Tourism - New Covid Quality Label

The Secretary of State for Tourism has created the ‘Responsible Tourism’ label for all those establishments that follow the Guidelines for measures to reduce contagion by COVID-19 in the tourism sector, the only ones endorsed by the

Movement In Or Through France? Info British Embassy Paris

Update 20.20 hrs. The British Government advises against all non-essential travel, worldwide. To start today, valid for 30 days. Movement in or through France? You’ll need an “attestation” for that… BRITISH EMBASSY PARIS·TUESDAY, 17 MAR

Update Residency Certificate Barcelona - Member's Experience

Permanent residency –Oficina Extranjería Rambla de Guipúscoa, 74 (Next to metro Sant Martí on the Purple line) You don’t need an appointment if you already have a NIE and reside in Barcelona, just ask for a ticket B at the desk (If there

Last Will And Testament Certificate - How To Apply

In Spanish: Certificado Del Registro General de Actos de Ultima Voluntad. What is it? The last will certificate is the document that certifies whether a person has made a will/s and, if so, before which Notary/ies. In this way the heirs can con

Demandante De Empleo Certificate - What Is It And How To Apply

A certificate that accredits that you´ve registered as looking for work ‘demandante de empleo’.  Employers might ask for it if they employ you, as there are subsidies available for companies that hire people that were registered as

Autofirma Software - Where To Download?


Statement Hmrc Re Dual Taxation And Government Pension

One of our members kindly provided us with the letter she obtained from HMRC, to assist other members who might also have difficulties proving to the Spanish Tax Authorities that their government pension should only be taxed in the UK. HMRC Stat

Ex17 Tie Duplicate Stolen Or Lost

You will need. 1. Passport or travel title or, as the case may be, valid registration card. 2. Three recent photographs, in colour, on a white background, permit size. 3. Payment of the corresponding fee (TASA Modelo 790) EX17 Extranjeria Mod

Extensive List Judicial Translators/interpreters In Spanish Towns And Abroad

List from the Spanish Ministry of the Exterior 2019 Not vetted by CAB Spain so would appreciate your feedback.
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