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Holiday Rentals Andalucia – Official Complaints Form Spanish/english

Conveniently drafted in both Spanish and English you can find the official Junta complaints form HERE

Resident In Spain With Rental Property In Uk – Things To Consider

From our tax advisor Philip Carroll in response to member who intends to take up residency in Spain, his main source of income is from several rental properties in the UK. Firstly, as far as tax is concerned there is a double taxation agreement

How To Pay/print Ivtm/road Tax Or Ibi Invoices

Depending on your area/town, the invoices for IVTM / Road tax and/or IBI (council property tax) will be issued by either your town hall, the Suma office (Valencia area) or another incasso agency like the Patronato de Recaudación Provincial (And

Home Improvements – What Percentage Iva Should Builder Charge?

The following article from the Agencia Tributaria website gives information in what cases the regular IVA percentage of 21% can be lowered to 10%. Info in Spanish. AGENCIA TRIBUTARIA ON ´REFORMAS VIVIENDAS´

Rental Deposits Catalunya

There are regulations for the deposits taken for rental properties which should be be carried out as is obligatory by law. The Catalonia government website (in Spanish) link below. The Deposit is a cash deposit payable by the tenant at the time

Social Housing – Vivienda Protegida

All communities have social housing projects, either to rent or to buy. You must meet certain criteria, be a resident, on the padrón and on the waiting list for a certain number of years and family income below a certain level. First port of ca

Overseas Landlord Exemption Uk

Living in Spain as a resident and getting an income from renting out property in the UK? Then this information might be of use to you.   LINK TO UK GOV UK WEBSITE   From our tax advisor Philip Carroll: Basically the form allows you to

Access To ´declaración Responsable´ Registro De Turismo Andalucia

With a digital certificate installed on your computer you can complete the process online. If you do not have one installed, choose the option without (tramite sin certificado digital) and you´ll only need to enter your NIE number for access to

Must I Pay Utility Debt Left By Previous Owners?

For a full explanation including debts that the new owners are liable for. Which Debts Will Remain on the Property?

How To Register A Casa Rural / B&b In Valencia Region

All those engaged in tourist rental activities need to register with the Generalitat by filing a ´declaración responsable´ at the start of their activities. Full info on how to do so, in person or electronically through THEIR WEBSITE Would ad