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Non Resident Landlord Long Term Rentals - Fiscal News

European Commission Press Release March 7th 2019. The Commission requests that SPAIN eliminate discrimination on taxation of non-resident individuals’ rental income The Commission decided today to send a letter of formal notice to Spain 

Technical Building Inspections Ite And Iee

National law re Building Evaluation Reports (Informe de la Evaluación de los Edificios) from June 2013, mentions an obligation for owners or groups of owners of ´residencias de vivienda colectiva´ (apartment buildings, generally) to have the

Protección Fianza Alquiler Gran Bretaña

Aqui el enlace hacia información del Gobierno GB sobre la protección de las fianzas, pagados por contratos de alquiler a partir de 2007, en un régimen del Gobierno para depósito de fianzas (TDP). ENLACE GOVT UK INFORMACIÓN   Hay regime

Modelo 179 - Informative Declaration Tourist Rental Intermediaries

By law, those intermediating between owners of holiday property and tourists that rent it, so rental agencies, but also online intermediaries like AirBnB, HomeAway, Wimdu or Niumba are obliged to inform the Spanish Tax Agency about bookings arra

Rental Law Amended 12.2018 Voted Down 01.2019, Brought Back 1.3.2019

UPDATE 1.3.2019 Amendment to Rental Law, re-negotiated, voted and made into law on the 1st of March 2019. In force as of publication in the State Bulletin. The version below is the one from December 2018 with the changes/additions that are valid

Ite - Inspección Técnica De Edificios - Info For Homeowners

ITE is a compulsory inspection of certain properties, if they are classified as protected architecture or of a build older than 50 years and are located in towns with more than 25.000 inhabitants. It´s a periodical inspection that evaluates the

Campsites And Motorhome ´overnight´ Sites Andalucia - Law And Regulations

New law since February 2018 introducing new criteria for modalities of camp sites and adding a new one, for Motorhome ´overnight´ sites. All campsites and motorhome overnight facilities have to be registered on the Registro de Turismo, filing

Social Services - Grants To Adapt Homes For Disabled Or Over 65

The Province of Málaga has issued a ´convocatoria´ to apply for grants to help pay for adaptations to the home of disabled or those over 65 that need them, but cannot afford to have them made. Available to inhabitants of villages up to 20.000

Tarjeta 65 Pensioners Canary Islands

Appears to be mainly for discounts or free access to public transport. Info Tenerife HERE TENERIFE Application form   Gran Canaria

Catastral Direct Line

Telephone numbers in the website below. You will hear an answer phone message. If you wait you will be attended but the language is Spanish. Depending on service needed, you town hall could assist you. Telephone Lines

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