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Rental Deposits Catalunya - Incasòl

Link to the Incasòl webpage.

Coronavirus - Eviction Protection

  Link with FAQs and visuals in Spanish.   Translation of a few. Can I be evicted during the State of Alarm? NO. With the aim that no one is left out, the Government has regulated certain protections for those groups that due to their

How To Check Padrón Registration

You can access the data the National Statistics Institute holds with regards to the municipal padrón registers. You need a digital certificate installed on your computer, or a Cl@ve Pin. LINK TO WEBSITE

Coronavirus - Flexibilisation Phase One: Hotels And Tourist Accomodations

From the State Gazette 9.5.2020 Hotels and Tourist Accommodations may open again, under the following conditions and with restrictions. To the restaurants and cafes of hotels and tourist accommodations will apply in general the provisions of cha

Coronavirus - 50 Alleviating Measures: Rental Situations

  1.5.2020 Updated with Conditions to Apply for Micro-loans – different than mentioned below!   Update Updates from Royal Decree published in the State Bulletin on the 22nd of April in red. Updates from Order published in the St

Coronavirus - 50 Additional Alleviating Measures 31.3.2020

The Government completes the protection and support for vulnerable groups, companies and the self-employed with more than 50 new measures Tuesday March 31, 2020 The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday a new package of economic and social

Coronavirus - What About Ibi, Ivtm (roadtax), Basura - Payment Deadline Extended?

In several areas, the deadlines for the payment of IVTM ‘(road tax),  IBI (property tax) and ‘Basura‘ (rubbish collection) have been extended by weeks or even several months, to alleviate the consequences of the containment me

Landlords And Tenants Long Term Rentals - Income Tax

Info from the Spanish Tax Office, in English, with regards to allowances, deductions with regards to long term lets. HOME RENTAL TAXATION Please note that for both landlords and tenants there used to be deductions in place, but they have been ab

Rental Deposits Madrid

Info HERE Link to FAQs in the column on the left.

Renting A Room - Any Tenant's Protection?

Tenant’s protection is guaranteed for long term rentals, for ‘uso vivienda’ in the Spanish Urban Lease Law (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos or LAU). Status quo in September 2019: 5 years (or 7 if the landlord is a business). The
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