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Holiday Rentals Catalonia

As in practically all autonomous regions, in Catalonia you have to register your property, if used for holiday lets. Either holiday apartment, specifically for this use, or ´vivienda´ that is rented out part of the year. Full info in English f

Wells And Water Reservoirs, How To Find Out If Registered?

All wells and water reservoirs, whether on public or private land, should be registered with the authorities of your Autonomous Region. Within the Department of Medio Ambiente there´s a division called ´Agua´ and they control the register. Th

Rural Tourism Casas Rurales Andalucia

For info on how to register your rural property for holiday lets please go the Library, Property section or click this link for direct access. LINK

Cctv Cameras In Community Of Properties – Legality

Is it legal to place video vigilance cameras in the communal areas of a Community, to prevent crime and vandalism, for example? First of all, our FAQ with general info on the legality of CCTV camera´s on private property. https://www.citizensad

Tenants Stopped Paying Rent, Can I Evict?

No an owner cannot evict without using a legal route. Below are a list of things a landlord can and cannot do. This advice is in relation to long term rentals and habitual residence. It is advisable for both landlord and tenant to register the r

Rental Deposit- Is There A Legal Amount?

The amount of the deposit can be via a pact with the agreement of all parties. A deposit for properties used for the sole purpose of a dwelling is governed by the law and the amount payable is the equivalent of one months rental. For a commerc

Community Swimming Pools – Some Facts

Although not obligatory by law, a ´responsibilidad civil´ insurance is highly recommended. Besides having to meet the national, regional, local and internal regulations requisites re maintenance, safety etc. it´s worth mentioning that all poo

Sold Property But Received A Rates Bill (ibi)

The town halls hold responsible for the annual rates, the person who was title holder of the property on January  1 of each year.   When negotiating the sale, your lawyer can come to arrangements for the purchaser to pay the tax in advance (wi

Renting Out Habitual Home – Fiscal Consequences

The fiscal allowances for those that purchased their ´habitual home´/ Vivienda Habital before 2013 forms one of the biggest and most widespread perks amongst tax payers in Spain. To be able to make use of this fiscal benefit you must occupy th

Building Licences Including For Renovations

Acquiring a building licence is the first step if you are planning to build your home. There are further licences needed during the various stages such as proof of build or end of works to achieve the well known “licence of first occupatio