Dgt Tráfico Offices Re-open In Phase 2

As announced today, the Tráfico offices will re-open to the public as of Phase 2, so in many regions as of Monday the 25th of May, if all progresses well with the de-escalation plan. Appointments through the regular channels, online or by phone

Coronavirus - Obligatory Use Of Masks As Of 21.5.2020

As announced and now published in the State Gazette, the use of masks will be obligatory in certain situations, as of Thursday the 21st of May. Any kind of mask that covers both nose and mouth will do, surgical or hygienic masks preferably. Who

Validity Of Foreigners Cards/family Members Of Eu Citizens And Various Visa Extension Information

Measures Brought in Due to the State of Alert Article 1 Extension of temporary residence and/or work and stay authorisations 1. The temporary residence and/or work authorisations and the stay authorisations for studies, student mobility, non-l

Coronavirus - Flexibilisation Phase Two

Update from the State Gazette from the 27th of May, valid as of same day. Updates from the State Gazette published on the 23rd of May, valid as of 25.5.2020 Flexibilisation Phase Two All those residing or undertaking activities in the areas that

Itv Expired During State Of Alarm - Info On Validity And Renewal

Extension of the automatic COVID-extension of the validity of the ITV Certificates. There already was an automatic extension of the ITV certificates that expired during the State of Alarm: till 30 days after the end of the State of Alarm. Today&

Most Of The Country Enters Into New Phases From 18.5.2020

As announced by the Health Minister in a press conference just now, the status of the de-escalation on Monday the 18th of May will be as follows. From phase 0 to phase 1 Malaga and Granada in Andalucia All of Comunidad Valenciana Some areas of C

Coronavirus - Health And Safety And Opening Swimming Pools / Beaches

Update from State Gazette published on the 23rd, valid as of 25.5.2020   Guide published on 23.5.2020   Information about the re-opening of sport and recreational pools in Phase 2 as published in the State Gazette on 16.5.2020, in purp

Coronavirus - Ertes Valid Till 30/6/2020: Conditions

From the Royal Decree Law published in the State Gazette on the 13th of May 2020. The special ‘force majeur’ COVID ERTEs, where employers are exempt (if less than 50 employees) of paying social security contributions when they arrang

Temporary Entry/airport Restrictions At Internal Air, Land And Maritime Borders Spain

Update from the State Gazette 15.6.2020: Restrictions Schengen borders for both EU and nonEU citizens extended till midnight June 20th, with an option to extend further till June 30th. Update from the State Gazette 29.5.2020 Update from the Stat

All Those Arriving From Abroad Must Self Quarantine For 14 Days

Update June 21. From the UK government for UK visitors to Spain. “On arrival, travellers entering Spain from the UK will not be required to self-isolate however, they will be subject to the following three requirements: Provide contact inform
citizens advice spain


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