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List Of Electronic Offices Of All Government Agencies

Ranging from the Tax Office, to the Meteo Service AEMET, to Port Authorities, all Ministries etc. Available through this LINK

How To Inform Authorities About Change Of Address Online

Once you have registered on the padrón of your new home town, you can communicate your change of address to a list of authorities, through the electronic office of the Spanish government, all in one go. Included are DGT/Trafico, TGSS, Seguridad

How To Print Off Padrón Certificate From Home

Many Town Halls offer this possibility through the electronic office on their website, but there is also a national government website through which you can arrange for this, provided you live in one of the provincial capitals, or capital of an

Access To ´declaración Responsable´ Registro De Turismo Andalucia

With a digital certificate installed on your computer you can complete the process online. If you do not have one installed, choose the option without (tramite sin certificado digital) and you´ll only need to enter your NIE number for access to

How To Claim Your Uk Pension From Spain By Phone

Please note* This way of claiming a UK pension is not for those who have been employed or self employed in Spain with last work history here. In these cases, all pensions should be claimed from Spain. To claim your UK State Pension from abroad.

Grants For Starting And Established Autonomos/self Employed Andalucia

Published just before Christmas and with a very short window to apply. All info, forms etc. on the Junta de Andalucia website, through THIS LINK If you´re not fluent in Spanish, please engage the help of an experienced gestor if you decide to a

Self Employed And Wanting To Export / Import Goods?

Then you need to read the info provided in this article. About taxes and customs procedures. In Spanish. Time permitted we will add a summary in English. LINK TO ARTICLE .

How To Register A Casa Rural / B&b In Valencia Region

All those engaged in tourist rental activities need to register with the Generalitat by filing a ´declaración responsable´ at the start of their activities. Full info on how to do so, in person or electronically through THEIR WEBSITE Territor

Helpline Bullying

  As of November 1st 2016 the Government Bullying Helpline is operative, 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year. Available to students, families, teachers or anyone else that suffers from bullying or knows someone who is. The lines are manned by psycho

Hunting Laws Valencia

Please read the info provided on the government website. LINK For the dates on which can be hunted in season 2017/2018 please have a look at this pdf. The times, relative to sunrise/sunset are mentioned on the Annexo at the end of the file. DATE

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