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Coronavirus - Rules When Using Public Transport

A campaign started by the Ministry of Transport, to make people aware of their obligations when using public transport during the de-escalation phases towards the New Normality. Automated translation of an article on the Moncloa website. Rules:

Coronavirus - Alleviating Measures Culture: Art/film/music/sport

Royal Decree published in the State Gazette today, Wednesday the 6th of May, in force as of the 7th. Extraordinary access to unemployment benefit for artists in public shows that are not affected by suspension of contracts and reduction of worki

Coronavirus - De-escalation: Details Phase 0 - Shops, Restaurants/bars And Sports

In force as of Monday the 4th of May 2020, in the whole of Spain, except for the 4 small islands that have passed to Phase One. Small shops and service providers. All shops and service providers that were forced to close as a result of the conta

Coronavirus - Transition To New Normality: Faqs Spanish Govt

The Spanish Government has published the Plan for the Transition to a New Normality, accompanied by a PDF with FAQs. The Plan – in Spanish – doesn’t cover anything we haven’t already covered in English, but the FAQs could

Coronavirus - Phase One: Hygiene, Health And Safety Shops And Bars/restaurants

From the State Gazette published on the 3rd of May 2020, valid for Phase O and 1 of the de-escalation process. Literal automated translation. Hygiene measures required of establishments and premises open to the public Phase O and 1. 1. Establish

Coronavirus - Phase One Details: Shops/vehicles/restaurants/bars/service Providers Plus

The information in this article is valid as of the 4th of May for the Islands Formentera, La Gomera, Hierro and La Graciosa. Note from CAB: and for other areas in Spain when they proceed to Phase One of the De-escalation process. Update 15.5.202

Coronavirus - Guide When Buying Masks

Automated translation of an article on the Moncloa website. Today the Ministry of Consumer Affairs have launched a guide with a set of recommendations to be taken into account by the population when buying face masks in an establishment during t

Coronavirus - Phase 0 And Phase 1 Of De-escalation Process

Extract from speech Pedro Sanchez, as delivered and broadcast on the Spanish television just now. Phase 0, as of Monday the 4th of May. Masks obligatory when using public transport. Distribution of masks at stations will take place again. Likewi

Coronavirus - Conditions Micro-loans Rent Situations

Update from the Government on 29.5.2020. The following banks and ‘cajas’ have formalized the adhesion contract to the Leasing Endorsement Line with the Official Credit Institute (ICO) Bankia, Santander, Sabadell, Cajamar, Liberbank,

Coronavirus - De-escalation Situation As Of May 2nd 2020

From the speech by the Health Minister this evening. Updated 1 .5.2020 with information from the Press Release Moncloa website and publication ministerial order in the State Gazette. Outings as of Saturday, the 2nd of May during different time-s
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