Coronavirus - Travel In Vehicles As Of 11.5.2020

Much confusion and lack of clarity – please read the result of our research HERE. To avoid further confusion, now that the information made available by the Ministry of Health clearly includes ‘turismos’ so vehicles for private

Coronavirus - De-escalation Guides Tourism Industry

From the Ministry’s website, to do with Health & Safety. For tourism activities and services ranging from hotels to camp sites, to tourist guides. Nautical activities, nature reserves, attraction parks. Please check the General Link re

Coronavirus - How Many People Can Travel In A Vehicle, With/without Mask

The latest press release on the Moncloa (government) website (and picked up by the press), states that as of Monday there will be no difference between Phase 0 or Phase 1 when using private vehicles as the regulations have been amended. There ha

Coronavirus - Private And Public Transport Land, Air, Sea As Of 11.5.2020

Updated with info from Ministerial Order, published in the State Gazette on Sunday the 10th of May 2020. Automated translation of Ministerial Order published in the State Gazette on Sunday 3.5.2020. Obligatory use of masks  1. The use of masks

Coronavirus - Flexibilisation Phase One: Schools And Academies

From the Ministerial Order published in the State Gazette on the 9th of May, 2020. Article 18. Reopening of educational centres. 1. The educational centres may be opened for disinfection, conditioning and for the performance of administrative fu

Coronavirus - Flexibilisation Phase One - Audiovisual Productions

Conditions in which the production and filming of Audiovisual works must take place. Article 29. Audiovisual production activities. The following activities associated with the production and filming of audiovisual works as long as the measures

Coronavirus - Flexibilisation Phase One: Sports

From the Ministerial Order published in the State Gazette on the 9th of May 2020. Conditions under which professional and federated sports activity must be carried out Article 38. Opening of the High-Performance Centers. 1. Access to the High-Pe

Coronavirus - Flexibilisation Phase One: Hotels And Tourist Accomodations

From the State Gazette 9.5.2020 Hotels and Tourist Accommodations may open again, under the following conditions and with restrictions. To the restaurants and cafes of hotels and tourist accommodations will apply in general the provisions of cha

Coronavirus - Flexibilisation Phase 1

Update from State Gazette published on May 23, valid as of 25.5.2020. Automated translation of the introduction of the Ministerial Order as published in the State Gazette today, the 9th of May 2020. Additional information provided when deemed of

Coronavirus - Answers To Most Asked Questions Phase 0 And Phase 1

PDF with list of areas that pass to Phase 1 on 11.5.2020. LINK TO LIST   The provinces in dark green on the map will not pass to phase 1 on Monday. Link to article with details Phase 1. Flexibilisation Phase 1, summary of order published 9
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