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Extensive List Judicial Translators/interpreters In Spanish Towns And Abroad

List from the Spanish Ministry of the Exterior 2019 Not vetted by CAB Spain so would appreciate your feedback.

Am I A Permanent Resident? Updated Version

We feel it necessary to update our FAQS from three years ago and remove what CAB believes to be erroneous information provided on the European Commission website. We have also advised the EU Commission of what we consider to be an error. CAB ha

Requisites For A Certificate Of Permanent Residence Of Citizens Of The European Union

All EU citizens and their EU and non-EU family members have the automatic right to permanent residency after five years of legal residency in Spain. In some cases the right is acquired after three years of legal residency. (Information). The inf

Updating Your Registration Certificate To Include Permanent Status

On this LINK is the full information about permanent residency status. Where it can be seen that permanent status does not have to be applied for but is an automatic status for those who have resided legally in Spain for five years or more. It i

Renew Residency Authorisations (non-eu) Online

Through the online office of the Public Administratons. Box to click to continue with the online procedure at the bottom of the information. LINK You can apply in the window starting 60 days before your authorisation runs out, till 90 days after

Asked For Certificado De Concordancia?

For those wishing to change their nationality with regards to their registration as resident, e.g. from British passport to Irish or any other EU passport, you can be asked to provide a Certificado de Concordancia, to be obtained from the Britis

How Do I Apply For The S1 From The Uk?

If you are in receipt of a UK state pension, request an S1 form (previously E121) from the Overseas Healthcare Service on +44 191 218 1999. If you are in receipt of an exportable DWP benefit you can request an S1 from the office which pays your

Am I Eligible To Apply For The Eu Blue Card?

Information from the website of the EU Commission: Highly Skilled Blue Card

Spain Contingency Plan Nodeal Brexit - Residency, Dl And Healthcare

Info in this article on our website.     LINK

Residency Appointments Uk Nationals As Of 30th March 2019

Please read the informative article LINK HERE
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