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Can I Check If I Am On The Electoral Role/census?

Yes, you can, with a digital certificate installed on your computer, or Cl@ve Pin. On the website of the Statistics Institute INE.   LINK TO THE ELECTRONIC OFFICE INE

Residence Rights Of A Child Not Born In Spain Of Non Eu Parents

Full information from the article on the link below: Child not Born in Spain Residency

Residence Rights Of A Child Born In Spain To Non Eu Parents?

Full information found on link below: Residency non EU Children

Ctt Telematic Password To Register To Vote In Local Elections 2019

Used to facilitate registering to vote for the upcoming municipal elections. From the website of the National Statistics Institute (INE): ¨Those persons resident in Spain who, without having acquired Spanish nationality, are citizens of countri

Right To Residence And Employment As Person Highly Qualified

The full information on the Spanish government site below in Spanish only. Most computers will have a translation option. Other option is to click right mouse for a translation. Highly Qualified Applicant

Who Do I Notify In Uk When Moving Or Retiring To Spain?

Please read the instructions on the link below: Leaving the UK Tax Leaving the UK

Tie In For Renewal. Can I Exit And Return To Spain?

You should not leave the country unless you have applied for an “Autorización de regreso”. Translation from this government website. ASSUMPTIONS a) Be the holder of a residence or stay authorization and have initiated the renewal o

Modification Of Authorisation To Work?

Options to modify the right of residency work permits. In Spanish only. Modifications of Authorisations.

The E121 Or S1 For Application For Healthcare In Spain?

Both depending which country provides the forms. English Spanish

Visa Requirements For Working Non Eu

This guide can help you on your way, but please check for the exact requirements with the Spanish Consulate in your home country with ample time before your intended move to Spain. LINK TO GUIDE

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