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Nie Application Spanish Consulate Belgium

To find any other Consulates who process a NIE, please google NIE Consulado Español and your town. Belgium Brussels

Nie Application Spanish Consulate France

To find any other Consulates who process a NIE, please google NIE Consulado Español and your town. France Paris

Nie Application Spanish Consulate Hamburg Germany

Please enter the link below. Instructions on how to fill in the form in German on this website. Germany

How To Inform Authorities About Change Of Address Online

Once you have registered on the padrón of your new home town, you can communicate your change of address to a list of authorities, through the electronic office of the Spanish government, all in one go. Included are DGT/Trafico, TGSS, Seguridad

Updating Residence Certificates

There are other FAQs providing information on ‘the need to renew’ these certificates and a useful faqs titled “Am I a permanent resident·. These can be found in the residence sections of the website. Reading those FAQS, you wi

Ex15 Copie En Français. Exemple Seulement


I Am British, Once Acquired Can I Lose My Spanish Nationality?

Important for many if not most who have kept hold of their British passports or continue to use their original nationality. Spaniards who are not of origin (for example, those who have acquired Spanish nationality by residence) lose their  nati

Ex19 Form For Residence For Non Eu Families Of Eu Citizens

EX19 Download If problems downloading the above. EX19 Download 2

Appointments (cita Previa) In Relation To Residency Or Nie

The website below will indicate the regions and what you can apply for in each area. You have to fill in your area and then see choices in the drop-down menu. If you pick a choice that is not available for your area, you will be advised. Many re

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