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Discounted Travel For Island Residents And Families

For full information and online applications, enter the link below.   Certificate for Travel   Update 2019: For Canaries Islands discounts now 75%, for both travel inter-island as to and from mainland Spain.

Holiday Rentals Galicia – New Law To Be Approved

Announced as to be approved after the summer of 2016, to inform yourselves, here the info from the Galician Government about requisites that will apply to renting out your usual home /vivienda for holiday purposes, renting periods up to 30 days

Travellers – Goods/items You Can Or Cannot Bring Into Spain

Info from the Tax Agency. Some items/goods you cannot bring with you, some only with accompanying paperwork. On others no restrictions at all. LINK

Holiday Rental – How To Check If Property Is Registered (andalucia)

You can check whether a holiday property has been registered on the Registro de Turismo of Andalucia, as it should be. So if you see one advertised without the registration number, and want to make sure you´ll rent a registered property, you ca

Would A Pensioner Be Entitled To Discounted Entry To Museums/art Galleries/public Transport In Other Eu Countries?

A pensioner who is an EU citizens must be allowed the same benefits as pensioners in other EU countries in regards to entry into cultural events. This is also the case for travel on public transport which is age related. You are entitled to equ

How Do I Apply For A Schengen Visa As Non Eu?

Information can be found on the link below: Schengen Visa

Non Eu Citizen, Can I Use One Schengen Visa For Travel In Eu Countries?

Only one Schengen Visa for 90 days in any six months is required for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, N

Eu Citizen Travelling And Forgotten Passport/id Can I Be Refused Entry?

No. You must be given reasonable time to produce your travel document. In exceptional circumstance proving your EU citizens status, you may be allowed in.

Application For Ehic From Ireland

The health card for visiting EU countries for those living in Ireland. Please check what the EHIC covers. Information on this in the FAQs health section. Application EHIC Ireland

Is There A Vehicle Insurance Directive Covering Eu Countries?

Yes there is and there is full information including the directive, assistance for all those travelling or living in the EU. Includes information on types of cover and much more so please read the link below. Insurance in the EU

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