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Who Do I Notify In Uk When Moving Or Retiring To Spain?

Please read the instructions on the link below: Leaving the UK Tax Leaving the UK

Tie In For Renewal. Can I Exit And Return To Spain?

You should not leave the country unless you have applied for an “Autorización de regreso”. Translation from this government website. ASSUMPTIONS a) Be the holder of a residence or stay authorization and have initiated the renewal o

What Can I Legally Bring To Spain From Non-eu Country

Leaflet from the Spanish government with regards to Spanish customs rules when you travel to Spain from a non-EU country. The leaflet also contains telephone number and website addresses for further information. LINK TO LEAFLET More info from Yo

Are There Limits When Travelling With Cash?

Information from the EU Commision

Waiting For A Tie-can I Leave The Country?

if you have applied for a ID card for a non EU and find that you need to temporarily leave the country, you would have to apply for an ‘authorisation to return’. You will find the information on the Spanish government website below:

Leaving Uk To Move Or Retire Abroad

Information UK Government

Tourist Guide Andalucia - Regulatory Info

From the Junta de Andalucia website. LINK HERE ACCESS TO OFICINA VIRTUAL

Campsites And Motorhome ´overnight´ Sites Andalucia - Law And Regulations

New law since February 2018 introducing new criteria for modalities of camp sites and adding a new one, for Motorhome ´overnight´ sites. All campsites and motorhome overnight facilities have to be registered on the Registro de Turismo, filing

What Should I Do To Register As A Tourist Guide?

The information for various regions in the links to the relevant websites. In Spanish. Andalucia Valencia Catalonia Canary Islands List of Guides Valencia

Is The Credit Card Size Irish Passport Valid.

The convienent size travel document has a five year validity. You can travel with the ID within the EU and EEA area. Application

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