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Visa For India

All information plus costs can be found on the INDIAN EMBASSY WEBSITE Madrid.

What Is The Law For Travelling With Dogs In Cars?

For travelling by road in your own car, the dogs should be secured in EU certified harnesses, attached to seat belt sockets on back seat, or in crates, either behind front seats (small dogs, so small crates) or, in case of bigger dogs, in secure

Travel Authorisation For Minors

When a minor travels abroad on his/her own or with just one of the parents, you need to arrange for a Travel Authorisation for Minors, to obtain from the Policia Nacional or Guardia Civil. Documents to bring when you have the Authorisation drawn

Can I Drive A Uk Plated Car In Spain?

This depends on the status of the driver. If the car is brought to Spain by a person who intends to stay here as resident, and wants to import the vehicle as part of his household goods (to avoid import taxes), they have to change plates within

Island Residents And Families – Discount For Travel To Mainland Spain?

Please read this article about available discounts for air and boat travel from the islands to Spanish mainland.

Travel Documents For Non Eu Family Members

For full information on the travel documents within the EU including visas if necessary. Travel Docs for Non EU Family Members As a Holder of Article 10 Card UK

Can I Travel To The Uk With Spanish Id Card?

According to the Foreign Affairs website of the Spanish Government, yes you can. Only exception for minors travelling on their own, then they would need a passport. Check this LINK for further info. Notwithstanding the above mentioned we advise

New App For Dutch Travellers / Nieuwe Bz App Voor Nederlandse Reizigers

Minister Rosenthal lanceerde op Schiphol de nieuwe BZ Reisadvies App. Met deze applicatie voor gebruikers van smartphones is het voor reizigers mogelijk hun reis beter voor te bereiden en in geval van nood onderweg eenvoudig aan hulp en informat

Travelling By Train With Pets - Allowed In Spain?

Yes, under certain conditions. For all but ´cercania´(short distance) trains, only small dogs or cats, in carriers, and you will have to pay for a ticket for them. So this goes for AVE, Intercity and other long distance trains. On ´cercania´

Visas For Ireland Non Eu Residents In Spain?

For information on visas for Ireland, please visit this LINK

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