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Can I Obtain A Fast Track Passport If In The Uk?

Yes you can. This service is not available if abroad. Passport Urgently

Emergency Uk Travel Document

Need to apply for an emergency travel document. Update: for online applications How long it will take Your emergency travel document will normally be ready in 2 working days. You’ll be told after you’ve applied how and when you’ll get your

Application Uk Child Passport?

Please read the full information on first link and application from overseas on second.   Child Passport     Application from Overseas   Below is a guide for registration of children under 18 yrs of age Guide

Can I Use Blue Badge From My Own Country In Spain?

Visitors to Spain using the Blue Badge from other EU Countries: Please note that the Blue badge was standardised in 2009 so the same picture and format. if you have the older badge which may be legal in your home country, please check that it is

Going Abroad In Europe? The Road Safety App

Thank you to the European Commission for this Safety App.   Going abroad?  

Do I Know My Passenger Rights In The Eu?

For information on your travellers rights: Travellers with reduced mobility Rail passenger rights Air passenger rights Bus and coach passenger rights Ship passenger rights EU Link

Medical Assistance Temporary Displacement?

Temporary healthcare in other regions than the one you reside in. Known as ‘Desplazamiento Temporal´. The government has not as yet put in place the national health cards in all regions. In the meantime if you reside in Andalucia and you

Is There Protection For Package Holidays In The Eu?

EU Information Leaflet Further Information

Is Your Uk Passport Damaged

For information on what constitutes damage to a passport, please visit this Link

Tse Certificates In English Or French (informative Note)

When you cannot get a Spanish European Healthcard – TSE but get issued Provisional Replacement Certificates (Certificado Provisional Sustitorio) instead, you always get a ´nota informativa´ to explain its meaning – but it´s in Spa

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