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Travelling With Pets, Documentation Needed

Pets (Dogs, Cats and Ferrets) As an EU national, you can freely travel with your cat, dog or ferret if it has a European pet passport. This passport is available from any authorised veterinarian and must contain details of a valid anti-rabies va

Can I Lose My Right To Residency In Spain? Eu And Non-eu

Regulations for EU citizens and also non EU spouses/partners/family members. You may need to return to your home country for a period of time and wish to keep your residency status in Spain. After five years of legal residency, you will automati

What Are The Eu Mobile Roaming Costs?

There are standard costs for mobile calls when roaming. You will find the information HERE.

New App - Your Passenger Rights At Hand

Passengers stranded at airports or awaiting missing luggage may now use a mobile application for free to check their rights immediately and on the spot. The EU is the only area in the world where citizens are protected by a full set of Passenger

How Can I Obtain Details Of All Spanish Airports?

From CAB Spain of course. Visit this LINK for full details of all major airports in Spain.

Hand Luggage Checks At Eu Airports As Of March 1st, 2015

A new EU Reglament has been approved on the 6th of February (2015/187), amending the existing Reglament on the inspection of hand luggage at airports. In view of new data on the methods used by terrorists to evade the existing procedure to detec

Proposed Strikes Airport Personnel Aena

UPDATE: 10.2.2015 – an agreement has been reached between unions and AENA – strikes have been called off. The two big worker´s unions have announced strikes for the following dates. Status quo 3.2.2015, exact data or length of strik

How To Apply For An Irish Passport From Spain

The website of the Irish Embassy in Madrid provides all information. Irish Passports

Entry Requirements, For Travelling Within Or From Outside Eu

Please consult the information provided by the Spanish Government, in English. Entry Requirements EU/Non EU

Travelling With Pets To The Uk Requirements

Please read the info provided on the UK Government website. EU information also provided UK Government website EU Regulations

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