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Tse Certificates In English Or French (informative Note)

When you cannot get a Spanish European Healthcard – TSE but get issued Provisional Replacement Certificates (Certificado Provisional Sustitorio) instead, you always get a ´nota informativa´ to explain its meaning – but it´s in Spa

Problems And Solutions Dgt/traffic Department

For those who can read Spanish or wish to translate, some solutions to: Renew your expired Spanish licence. Selling a vehicle of  a deceased person. Sold my vehicle but still receiving fines. Sold the vehicle but purchaser has not transferred t

Documents For Travelling In The Eu?

When travelling around the EU as a EU citizen there should be open borders. It is important to be aware when the rules can change. Information. For info re travelling with minors to and from Spain, please read THIS TOPIC.

Air Passenger Rights Europe

Thank you to Your Europe for this  information. Information on Bankruptcy.

E H I C Full Guide

For full information, you can download the PDF file   EHIC Guide   NHS information/application EHIC If you are a UK posted worker (i.e. your employer is in the UK) or you are the dependant of a family member working in the UK. You cann

Apply Or Renew British Passport When In The Uk

You may apply for or renew your British passport whilst visiting the UK. Please go to the British Government website.

Usa E-passport/esta Requirements

New passport requirement Please see following link

Travelling With Ashes

Each country has its own rules about departing with human ashes as there may be specific requirements. Contact the Consulate of the country to which you wish to take the ashes to ascertain their requirements. You may also be required to complete

Usa Citizens Visiting Spain Visa

A Visa for entry into Spain. You should enquire with the Spanish embassy or consulate near your place of residence outside of Spain prior to entry. You might find useful information on the website of the US Embassy in Spain as well. LINK

Visa For India

All information plus costs can be found on the INDIAN EMBASSY WEBSITE Madrid.
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