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The Law In Spain

Can I Collect Child Maintenance If One Parent Lives Abroad?

Within the EU there are now legal systems put in place for cross border cooperation or court judgements. Find the information below on the UK government website. Child Maintenance One Parent Living Abroad From Your Europe. Maintenance Obliga

Rental Deposit Murcia Region

In the Autonomous Region of Murcia you can deposit the rental deposit with the authorities. LINK with info. I strongly suggest calling the telephone number for further practical info, as the website does not provide that information. Form to req

What Are The Regulations On Dog Ownership?

You will find that each town hall and autonomous region has it’s own regulations on dog ownership. There is also a national law. Ask your town hall for a copy of the ‘ordenanza’ in relation to dogs and or other domestic animals

How To Apply For Spanish Nationality?

Full details can be found by visiting this LINK in Spanish If you have sufficient years registered in Spain, you would be eligible to apply through ‘Residency’  LINK to the government site with information in English. Please note

Weedkillers – How To Buy/use?

Since the 26th of November 2015, according to this ROYAL DECREE it is no longer possible to buy, sell or apply weedkillers or pesticides for professional use without having followed at least a basic relevant professional course and having obtain

Renting Out Your Property – Data Protection?

Protection of Personal Data issue Something else to consider when you rent our your property, as you need to meet the requirement to provide the Guardia with the personal ID data of your guests within 24 hrs after their arrival. As the collectio

Food Handler Certificate – Carnet De Manipulador De Alimentos

All those working with food products, need to follow a course about food safety, specific for their line of work, and pass an exam, thus obtaining their ´food handler certificate´ or ´carnet de manipulador de alimentos´. Courses often organi

List Of Offices Of The Policia Nacional In Spain?

Below is a link to the national police website where you can find all the stations in your region. There are three police forces in Spain. The national police are the crime police. These stations house the foreigners offices which deal with all

Scatter Ashes - Allowed In Spain?

In general, in Spain you are allowed to scatter ashes, as long as you avoid public roads or public parks and take the container back with you, unless it´s made of biodegradable material. It´s up to each indivudual town however, to issue furthe

Passport Expiry. What Can I Use As Identification?

Your passport with your certificate of residency is ID for residents in Spain. When you send of your passport for renewal, you only need the proof that the renewal is in process until your new passport arrives. This is valid for applying for res

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