The Law In Spain

Juicio Monitorio – A Guide On How To Claim Monetary Debts

A Monitorio Court Case or Monitorio Procedure is a quick and agile way to reclaim debts of a monetary nature as all that is needed is a view (read through) by the judge, or to appear before the judge if the debtor opposes the reclamation. If the

Legal Minimum Age To Work In Spain

As of 16 years you are allowed to work in Spain, but only re jobs on a contract that the parents are in agreement with, as long as the working hours are during the day, and the work is not considered detrimental to their health or development.

Power Of Attorney Drafted Abroad, Is An Apostille Necessary?

All Powers of Attorney (POA) formulated outside Spain for Spain must be drafted in Spanish with the Apostille of the Hague added. There is an exception to this rule. POA’s formulated in a Spanish consul or embassy do not need an Apostile

Renting Out A Property For Holiday Purposes Balearic Islands – Update August 2017

Update 06.08.2017. A new amendment to the Tourism Law for the Balearic Islands, dated 31/7/2017 prohibits new ´declaraciones responsables´ to be filed until the various local authorities have determined the zones where new tourism rental activ

Bingo, Quizzes, Raffles - Need A Licence?

Bingo and quizzes fall under the ´regulated games´, ruled by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. You need a licence to organize them. More info on raffles ´sorteos´, in English, HERE   For specific regulations, you´

Can I Be Fired For Being Ill?

Update February 19, 2020. Re the articles in the Reforma Laboral from 2012, in 2015 transposed into the Statute for Employees (art. 52.d), relating to the possibility to arrange for dismissal for being absent from work as a result of being ill.

Breaks, Maximum Working Hours/day For Employees

According to the presently valid Statute for Employees you are allowed at least a 15 minute break if your working day is longer than 6 hours. 30 minute break if you´re under 18 and working longer than 4,5 hours. Between one working day and the

How Can I Find Out If I Have Been Denounced?

To find out if you have a ‘denuncia’ against you. Visit the information centre at your local courts. Take your Identification and they will advice you if there is a ‘procedimiento’ where you appear as denounced. On the co

Music In Bars And Restaurants The Law And Faqs

For full info, please read the info document in the Library, The Law in Spain section. Or click THIS LINK for direct access. Update: new law in Andalucia, amplifying possibilities for bars and restaurants without ordinary music licence, to have

Alertcops – App To Alert State Law Enforcement Authorities

From the website of the Ministry of Interior: ¨AlertCops is a citizen security alert system of the State Law Enforcement Authorities (FFCCSE in Spanish) The goal is to create a universal access to every public citizen security service, so any p
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