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The Law In Spain

Is It Illegal To Transport Gas Bottles In Private Vehicle?

No, it is not. You can carry up to two gas bottles of max. 15 kg in your car, securely fastened and in upright position, either empty or full. Note: as of January 2015 the biggest seller of gas bottles in your region will be obliged to deliver t

What Are The Official Public Holidays For My Area?

Please click this link to the website of the Seguridad Social for the <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Calendario Laboral with all recognised <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Public Holidays for each are

What Are The Legal Requirements For A Power Of Attorney?

Example: For one person of a couple owning a property to be able to sell the house with POA for the other, absent partner, you must obtain a POA in Spanish, with the apostille of The Hague (apostille not necessary when POA is drawn up in Spain).

As A Holiday Rental Owner, How Do I Inform Guardia Of Guest Arrivals?

You are required by law to supply the Guardia Civil with the personal data of your paying holiday rental guests, within 24 hours after their arrival. THIS is the form to use, as published in the State Bulletin. You are supposed to keep these rec

Is My Uk Driving Licence Legal In Spain?

For full information, please visit the On the Road Section of the Library for information such as the document titled: The Law Relating to Driving Licences IMPORTANT UPDATE. Please read the information on this section on the driving licence Â

How Does Spanish ´points System´ On Drivers Licences Work?

The Spanish ´points system´ is explained in an information document in our Library, listed in the On the Road Section. Direct Access LINK to centres where they give courses to recuperate loss of points or licence.

Is Littering Allowed In Spain?

No, it is not, though you would think so,  lol.  Whether the law is enforced, is an entirely different matter. Emptying of ashtray from car in summer, to name one example, is a grave offence, because of the danger, especially in rural areas, o

Need To Report A Crime But I Do Not Speak Spanish?

You can do so by telephone in your own language. Please read the information sheet in our Library – Section The Law in Spain – titled, HOW TO REPORT A CRIME. Or click the link below for direct access. https://www.citizensadvice.org.e

Renting A Property – The Law And Faqs

Please visit the link below for the information in our library, valid for rental contracts signed between June 2013 and December 18th, 2018. Renting a Property   Rentals Deposits   Deposit Fianza. Translation from the rental law. 3.Af

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