The Law In Spain

What Is An Apostille?

When you present official documents like birth or marriage certificates to a public authority abroad, they might ask you to have the document ´legalised´. You can do so by applying for an Apostille from the relevant authority in the country wh

What Can I Do About Barking Dogs?

If the barking is not incidental, but regular and a nuisance, talk with the administrator if in a community. They should discuss this with the owner. If the matter is not solved in this way and the owner of the dog does not respond, you can repo

Is There Legal Aid In Spain-abogados De Oficio?

The right to free legal assistance for those who cannot afford it is laid down in the Spanish Constitution. Abogados de Oficio are available for those who cannot afford to engage a lawyer to defend their interests or rights. Through this LINK yo

What Are The Tourist Rental Laws In Catalonia

Thank you to our member Dena Rowlands for providing the link in English.

Are Living Wills Recognised In Spain?

Living Will is called ´Declaración de Voluntad Vital Anticipada´ in Spain. You have to register them with the relevant public authorities in your region for them to be valid and you can include all kinds of medical decisions that need to be m

What Dogs Are On Dangerous Breeds List?

Currently, these 15 breeds, although some regions have added German Shepherd and Boxer to the list, so best check your local Town Hall for the complete list for your area. These breeds are banned from private ownership unless licensed and cont

By Law, Can My Child Be Refused Healthcare?

No, all children under 18 years have the right to the same medical care as any Spanish citizen, even if they cannot provide the necessary paperwork this would ordinarily entail. This means the healthcare should be free, as it is for all Spanish

Is It Illegal To Transport Gas Bottles In Private Vehicle?

No, it is not. You can carry up to two gas bottles of max. 15 kg in your car, securely fastened and in upright position, either empty or full. Note: as of January 2015 the biggest seller of gas bottles in your region will be obliged to deliver t

What Are The Official Public Holidays For My Area?

Please click this link to the website of the Seguridad Social for the <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Calendario Laboral with all recognised <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Public Holidays for each are

What Are The Legal Requirements For A Power Of Attorney?

Example: For one person of a couple owning a property to be able to sell the house with POA for the other, absent partner, you must obtain a POA in Spanish, with the apostille of The Hague (apostille not necessary when POA is drawn up in Spain).
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