The Law In Spain

Do I Need To Be A Resident To Buy A Car In Spain?

No, non-residents can buy cars in Spain as well. All you need to register a car in your name is a valid ID (passport), proof of address and NIE number.

Are Fire Extinguishers Obligatory By Law To Have In Home?

That would depend on whether the licence to build or refurbish your house was issued before or after March 2006 (Real Decreto 314/2006, de 17 de marzo, por el que se aprueba el Código Técnico de la Edificación) . After that date, fire extingu

How To Obtain A Licence For Dogs On Dangerous Breeds List?

Please go to the information document on this subject in our Library, Section The Law In Spain. Or click this link for direct access. DOGS LISTED AS DANGEROUS BREEDS

Is There A Small Claims Court In Spain?

Yes, there is, for claims up to 6.000 euros. It´s a verbal procedure ´juicio verbal´ and legal representation is not required for amounts under 2.000 euros. When the claim is for an amount under 2.000 euros and the claimant is a ´persona fis

Workers Rights – Spain

11430 Real Decreto Legislativo 2/2015, of October 23rd, approving the text of the Law of the Statute for Employees. Latest version valid as of January 1st, 2019. Stated in article 4, amongst other things, is the right to belong to a workers unio

Hunting Season, The Law – Andalucia

  The legally established hunting periods for each species  for hunting season 2019/2020 are listed on the link below in Spanish only. Hunting Periods   Note that for various species hunting is only allowed from Thursday to Sunday and

Where Can I Have Birth Or Marriage Certificates Translated

You can apply to the Ministry of Justice (Ministerio de la Justicia) here in Spain for translations with the Apostille of the Hague (Apostilla de la Haya). Here is the LINK.

How Can I Make A Search Removal Request (google)?

Search removal request under data protection law in Europe. A recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (C-131/12, 13 May 2014) found that certain people can ask search engines to remove specific results for queries that includ

How To Apply For A Fishing Licence?

You need a licence for both sea/shore and continental fishing, so inland.  In all Autonomous regions there is legislation in place about the reciprocal recognition of licences issued in other EU countries or in another Autonomous Region and the

How Many Pets Can I Legally Have On My Property?

Over a certain amount per species, you are no longer considered a regular owner of pets, but holder of a collection, a breeder or a refuge. This is called a ´núcleo zoológico´ and you must apply for a special licence. First you need to check
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