The Law In Spain

Is A Codicil Legal In Spain?

Yes and known as a codicilo. The cost to do this will be approximately the same as drafting new wills. I suggest that a new will is made as the codicil could be open to interpretation.

Criminal Records Certificate – How To Apply?

Criminal Records Certificate – in Spain known as Certificado de Antecedentes Penales. Apply through THIS LINK to the Government website. Unless the certificate shows otherwise, it will be valid for 3 months. Instructions are in English. S

Court Taxes - Tasas Judiciales

Please have a look at the info provided under THIS LINK to see if you would be responsible to pay court taxes when appealing fines, an unfair dismissal, eviction etc.

Where Can I Find Info On Rental Contracts?

Please read the info document in the Library, The Law in Spain Section, with the Law and FAQ´s on Renting a Property in Spain. Valid for rental contracts signed between June 2013 and 18th of December 2018, and as of January 25th 2019. Or click

What Are The New Traffic Laws?

Please consult the info document in the Library, The Law in Spain section. Or click THIS LINK for direct access.  

Are British And Irish Wills Valid In Spain?

Please read the info document in the Library, The Law in Spain Library Section. Link below. British and Irish Wills

With The New Eu Regulations, Do I Need To Change My Will/testament?

Please read our info document in the Library, The Law in Spain section. Or click this link for direct access. LINK

Do Common Law Couples Pay More In Inheritance Tax?

Common law couples if not registered as such, will be treated as non family members when this tax is calculated. For more information and guides on how to register, disadvantages of not being registered.

Do You Need A Licence To Let Off Fireworks?

Regulations for Andalucia state that you do not, if you limit yourself to simply letting off the ready-made articles that you can legally buy and do not manipulate or combine them. Please be warned that you cannot carry more than 15 kg of firewo

How Can I Apply For A Criminal Record Check?

Please visit the link below for obtaining the record in Spain.   Website in English.     From the UK   UK International Child Protection Certificate
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