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The Law In Spain

I Am British, Once Acquired Can I Lose My Spanish Nationality?

Important for many if not most who have kept hold of their British passports or continue to use their original nationality. Spaniards who are not of origin (for example, those who have acquired Spanish nationality by residence) lose their  nati

Children´s Rights As Outlined In Convention – Explained For Children

Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Children´s Rights Convention a group of legal professionals, collaborating with specialists in child care and child social services have written a book, published by Wolter Kluwer, downloadable for free

Maximum Amount You Can Pay In Cash

The total was  2.500, proposed the Consejo de Ministros early December 2016 to be lowered to 1.000 but that has never made it into law. Definitions of cash transactions: Hard money  (paper and coins)  Included national and foreign currencies

Self Employed And Wanting To Export / Import Goods?

Then you need to read the info provided in this article. About taxes and customs procedures. In Spanish. Time permitted we will add a summary in English. LINK TO ARTICLE .

Electric Bikes – Differences And The Law

Electrical bikes (or Extra Light Vehicles – under 40 kg) can be divided in 2 categories. E-bikes are bikes with a motor in the front or rear wheel that can cause the bike to move without the rider using the pedals. Pedelecs are bikes with

How Can I Find A Court House (juzgado) In My Town?

You will find a full list of courts including address on the government website below. Juzgados/Courts

Added To A Debtors List, What Can I Do?

You can be added to one of the list containing names of debtors if you have accrued a debt of as little as five euros as there is no minimum limit. Before being added to a list, you should have been sent a bill which resulted in nonpayment. Only

Is It Illegal To Grow Rhubarb In Spain?

No it is not, but as the leaves of rhubarb are highly toxic, especially for goats and sheep, and you live in an area where goats or sheep roam free or are ´taken on walks´ with their keeper you have to make sure to only grow it in a fenced are

(sexual) Harrassment At Work, What Can You Do?

Harrassment at work is punishable by law in Spain and as the employer should make sure it doesn´t happen, or take action if it does and it is reported to them, they are liable and punishable as well as the actual harrasser. In Spain known as ´

Business Or Autonomo – How Long Do I Need To Keep Business Documents?

That depends. For tax purposes, as the Tax Agency has up to 4 years to come back to your tax return and you only file Income Tax in the year following the year you sent invoices etc., the general rule is 5 years. However, if at any time the Tax
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